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Quetzorion broken vs armor?!

So in preparation for next weekends Tourney, we did some friendly battles in our alliance (GamePress).

One of the members was using Quetzorion, so I swapped in Monolorhino, then Quetz used NR (Nullifying Rampage) and did 3000 damage, even though, Monolorhino has 30% armor. So technically Quetz shouldn’t be able to do the full 3000 damage since Monolorhino has armor. Also in the description from Quetz theres no mention of Armor piercing in the NR move.
It does say “Remove all positive effects” but that doesn’t mean it should go trough armor…

Did anybody else notice this before?
Is it a one time glitch? Does it happen more? Does it happen to other armored dino’s?

Will test this more tomorrow since its 2am over here already.

If you have more knowledge about this, please share it with us.

I played a match earlier and struck a Tryko through armor for the ( very surprising) kill. Thought it was odd as well.

If that’s the case that makes up for the cooldown nerf


Tested it just now with a mate and didn’t go trough armor this time, exact same dino’s.

Really need to catch some sleep now but will definitely test this out properly tomorrow because i’m 100% sure that Quetz did 3000 damage to Monorhino because I found it so weird that i got hit so hard from Quetzii.