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Quetzorion bug and a couple others

OK, so first thing. There is a glitch I have noticed with Quetzorion, one of my favorite new dinos. If you ever have a swap in dodge, or a side step at the same time as long invincibility, the game ignores the invincibility and does damage in the form of the 33% damage not dodged with swap in or potentially all of the damage if using side step. Please fix so invincibility means invincibility. Not Invinceable only when not evading.
NOTE: all of this assumes no shield destroying move is being used.

NEXT: Since the 1.9 update, I can no longer see who donated DNA to me in the alliance. Where the list of donations used to be is now a blank box. As an Alliance leader, I use this info to get ideas as to who donates and who just takes, so I can try and make an Alliance that helps each other. This is important since the game doesn’t really provide many tools to know who is actively helping the alliance and who is just benefiting themselves.

Last, and I admit that this is more of a complaint, then a bug, I want to put the trophy process into question. I know there is no shortage of complaints on the matchmaking system (I have plenty of my own when spending hours trying to just fill two incubator spots against team level averages regularly being 2 to 3 levels above me while also being victim to the always screwy RNG that will give runs of literally 13:1 Critical hits over a six match stretch!) but I recently had 2 matches against payers who had both a higher trophy count and higher level dinos. I won the first and gained 20 trophies. I lost the second and lost 30 trophies. As I understand, the reward for beating better opponents is supposed to be MORE Significant then the penalty for losing to a better opponent. I usually click my way through the post battle screens and don’t pay much attention to the trophy count, but if this is a trend, it directly goes against how Ludia explained the new matchmaking and trophy system when it was released.

That’s it for now. I’m sure there will be more since Ludia just can’t seem to ever make this game work how they promise.

Seriously, I have ideas to really fix this game. Ludia, if you actually read these, let’s make a deal! Because if you are good at something (like actually using your brain!) you shouldn’t do it for free. So when you are finally concerned with making a quality, enjoyable game, let’s talk!

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The issue has been reported to our team, Ace4825.

However, thank you for the report!