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Quetzorion has to distract because astute that it does not distract is not astute

I’m not advocating for Devastation to get that Delay, I’m advocating for Nullifying Rampage to get a Cooldown of 1. Plus with Cunning being very weak in the meta, Gorgo having that wouldn’t be to bad

I honestly think nullifying Rampage is fine. Quetzorion is more of a tank than a burst-damage dealer. The cooldown on NR forces quetz to use it’s stalling options, which are already quite strong. If anything, maybe give it Medium nullifying counter to tack on a bit more damage when you do stall. Or maybe revenge nullifying rampage like Gorgo so you can sometimes use it as a revenge killer.


How did @_Tryant get suspended?

Your forgetting that’s Quetz is also a resilient, and Thor’s job is to thoroughly crush resilients.

Orion also follows a theme with cunning resils where they trade of speed for bulk and vice versa. This is what leads to Quetz’s “fast but lower output” archetype


What Zorion needs is for its counter to do damage like Antarc’s does.

Kind of stupid it doesn’t do any damage.


Problem is that your stuck with Crafty Strike or Sidestep usually, which while Sidestep is decent, it doesn’t block enough damage in those 2 turns. And Crafty Strike can’t stall. If you get lucky, you might have LI still up, and that will help out, but usually I find myself without that shield up.


It’s not because he’s cunning he should have distraction or dodge. Deinocheirus is an example. If he’s Cunning it’s because he’s good against Fierce’s. Zorion is fine.

I usually find myself opening with LI. Having a weaker turn after NR is part of how Orion is balanced. If you wanted a stronger option on turn 1, then give it Revenge. If you want the stalling turn to be more effective, give it the medium counter. I don’t think you need to touch the cooldown though, Orion isn’t that bad.


Yeah distraction, dodge, speedup are all cunning. Distraction and dodge are probably the most prominent traits, but in the lack of anything else (like Deinochierus) speedup is too.

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don’t touch my Quetz, it’s good as her own way
if you don’t know it’s an awesome counter to flocks and any speedy creature that doesn’t nullify
if u want something to counter thor pick an erlikospyx

Oh I know. Still would be nice. And I also open with LI. It’s fun.

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I think there’s a translation issue here. The word “Rampage” is “Devastacion” in some language version of the game.


Weird, especially since I thought, at least for Spanish, the word was supposed to be alboroto. May want to fix that

Guys come back

Then the problem would be the coldown because imagine that they used a gorgo as a finisher, it would only be enough to use its impact to hit you again with its devastation your idea is good but like that 50/50

@Cheeseeater So you want the nullifying devastation to be like this or like?

This was how it was back in 1.14, and made Quetz either a) a solid closer or b) let it shrewd speedsters, most notably erlidom

I hate Quetzorion it is so OP with the long shield, doge, and all that stuff

This… this is a joke right?


I mean in aviary it can be kinda OP, my one managed to stay on my team at 21 for really long. Then i just moved onto clearly OP apexes.

But then later on when tenrex, gem, problably all currently unlocked apexes really get into the arena orion is just too weak to compete