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Quetzorion has to distract because astute that it does not distract is not astute

Yeah sorry, indoraptor cant defeat it mammolania cant ether testacorny aswell.

and tenotorex is alright agianst it tryko is great against it Thor aswell

The Long shield only lasts 2 attacks. The dodge deals no damage, and since most resilients counter dodge, it’s pretty easy to get around that. Tryko munches on Quezt pretty easily, Tenontorex usually wins (Ludia why did you take away 50 damage?!). It’s a creature made to annihilate speedsters while being a speedster itself. But in this meta of creatures that can destroy speedsters and then carry on to fight chompers and other tanks, it’s not as useful as it used to be. Though I’m never getting rid of Quezt. He’s my favorite, and still is very good. Just that more creatures have taken over his role while also fulfilling others. Though if Mammolania ever gets popular again due to the apexes, you can grab a Quetzorion to help deal with that problem.


don’t bother me how it’s going to be OP if you just need to re-ink it then break your shield and it’s dead

The user is allowed to critize your rework. The user is trying to help.

I know, I was thinking putting it in team but I wanted to use Scorpius Rex the Legendary and got it up to Level 22 and it is working pretty good.

And you got to Chill, Tyrant

Quezt is a decent choice for Aviary or lower. I’ve not been in Library enough to help with any higher arenas.

What is chill?

No. Please no, I already hate this thing with a burning passion (however that’s still a good buff)

I’m sad now

Sry. But this thing absolutely DESTROYED me for the longest time. Like even if I took down a lvl 21 with no boosts. That was a triumph (for me) lol. But now, yea it doesn’t bother me as much…more of a snack now :joy:

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Quetzorion should have an improvement like this because it is not funny to have a counter that does not hurt I think it would be better this way because in the photo above it is too strong.


You already made a thread about this.

With quizar it seems to be just fine but distraction make much better.

Forget it Tyrant

what is qiuzar?

Oh I tell orion, quetzo. I misspelled cuz of auto-spell.