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Quetzorion invincibility is broken

There is a serious bug with Quetzorion invincibility. I have had times where it’s only lasted for one turn, but mostly it only lasts for 2 turns. When I play other players, they last for 3 turns or even more in some cases. Other times, the shield looks active but it isn’t. Fix it. It’s a joke. It states in the description it should last for 3 turns. I honestly can’t recall it ever lasting for 3 turns with me…

The 3 turns only tends to happen when one of the opponent’s moves are purely non-damaging (ie. Acute Stun).

It usually takes into account damaging moves, including damaging counter attacks.

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it says that lasts for 2 attacks 3 turns, if the creature you attack has a counter and it attacks to, the shield will only last that turn cause it already took 2 attacks, if you don’t attack in a turn the shield should stay the 3 turns except if the other creature has a counter aas i told before.

@Delta If that’s the case, surely that is still wrong?

You need to attack with damaging move, that lasts 2 turns. If you use non damaging move, that doesn’t count as attack. Basicaly LI blocks 2 attacks. So against Hadros that means it will last only one turn when Hadros attacks, as also has counter.

Yes, I get that - for example if Dio is countering, it’s counting as an attack. But in this case, it literally was dio. I put up the shield, dio did a strike, I the hit dio with crafty strike, dio hit me with another strike, and then the shield went, and the counter got through. Surely that isn’t right?

No, that’s correct. The 2 counters counted as the 2 attacks

Ah so, 3 turns means it will stay if one of the 3 attacks is a non damaging move?

Thats right. You used LI, Dio strike thats 1 attack. You are slower, Dio strike thats second attack, counter is third attack, so it goes through.

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Regardless, it’s still broken - I’ve had it last for one turn, and opponents seems to never disappear sometimes!

But that does clear it up for these particular occassions, thanks guys. :slight_smile:

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That is only a visual glitch, if two attacks are used. Its annoying, but damage counts normally. MLania can’t stall anymore, as if you use Dig In taunt or Bellow taunt, LI will stay up and Orion will be able to use it again, when finally goes down. This is nonsense that non damaging move don’t count as attack, but still count as turn. Still works as intended.

Even if it is a visual glitch, it still needs addressing, as it can make you do a move you wouldn’t if you think it’s still up. It should just be up for 3 moves, regardless - quetz needs a bit of love! :laughing:

Quezt mainly needs just a bit more damage (or Medium Nullifying Counter Attack) and she’ll be fine. Kinda wish it was Group Long Invincibility, as that would give the fluff some stuff to use in raids, and NC could be really good as well for raids, but Quezt is never used.

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