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Quetzorion is killing me

What is up with my Draco staying locked everytime that stupid Quetzorion swaps in?? Thank God not a whole bunch of people in my arena have one.


I love mine. Got it to lvl 30 and boosted 5 across for now. She even one shotted a lvl 29 thor yesterday. So we stopped at McDonald’s and I treated her for being so good, but now she’s lazy and belching all the time and won’t get back in the arena. Guess I should have made her get a salad instead.


I run a level 23 quetzioron in aviary. She’s an absolute beast. Probably my favorite team member. One time I correctly predicted a draco swap. Let me tell you, that was one of the best feelings I’ve felt all year.


I’m really wondering if anyone has a problem with the Draco staying locked after a cleanse/second move.

Let’s hope this bug is another one of those that Ludia won’t bother fixing.


I’ve experienced it a couple of times recently too, where it’s stayed locked for an extra turn.
I don’t think it affects any one dino in particular, and I’ve never faced a Quetzorion before.

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IKR I hope so too, that rat needs to go.


Its saying that you shouldn’t use the rat.


If the Rat has full HP when Quetzorion swaps in, the Rat can still Regenerate and go away before Zorion goes Rampage.

But the point of this topic is that you can’t swap after using regenerate after Orion has come in?

Oh. I thought that the Rat and Zorion swapped in at the same time.

Maybe it did, but that’s not the point of the topic. The point of the topic is the bug.

Yeah…Finally I notice that from the picture. Did it only happen once to OP or everyone using DC against a swap-in Zorion?

My favorite dino atm. Stupid? No no think you ought to look at your dino xd

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No amount of bugs are sufficient when it’s targeting the rat user.
I experience zero pity when I see the rat on your end of the screen.
Whatever the bug is, please keep it in! Unless by “bug” you mean the rat itself. Then fix it.


Dont understand this post, its the only thing how you can stop the op rat in this game and you complain it.
Its is well played from the opponent when he switched to quetzorion when the rat will come.


I wonder this bug shows up whenever a dino with swap in dodge is swapped in while the rat is in the field.
Not only happens to Zorion, maybe Monomimus?

This same thing happened to me. I thought I was going crazy.

Regardless of whether it’s the rat or not, it is a bug, another bug in a game full of bugs. It needs fixing just like all the other bugs.

Hey there, @Travis10Brink, that doesn’t appear to be intended behavior. Reach out to our team at so that they can take a closer look! If you can remember to include your support key and this as well as any other relevant screenshot, we’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

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