Quetzorion rework?

Invincibility 3 turn, auto annihilation, speed up + dodge 100% chance. This is too much. Can counter armor and all bonuses, can’t be distracted lol
Only tryko is really useful, a bit dio. That’s it

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No. Just no. Leave Orion alone. It already suffered a nerf by giving it a 2 turn cooldown on rampage instead of 1 turn.
Just learn to counter it and get those creatures.
Tryko, Dioraja, Maxima…tanks in common and also heavy damage Thors easily take it out.

Orion is a great counter for those hyper speed Erlidoms and Erlikospyx but that‘s it. Just because you cannot deal with it doesn‘t mean it‘s broken.

Orion is one of the few end game hybrids that is really good and worth its status. Stop crying for nerfs.

Look how they massacred Monomimus, Gorgosuchus, Stegodeus, Maxima, etc. just because the community cried and complained.

The only really strong creature shouting for a nerf is Sarcorixis. I BET Ludia will wait until most people heavily boosted and leveled it before nerfing it. Just like they did with Procera (gotta say though I am very glad that they finally nerfed this once broken chicken).

Instead of nerfing single creatures, @Ludia_Developers should finally buff those many many creatures that are just warming the bank. But in all that time they never did what community wanted. Just broke creatures instead of creating real diversity and balance by buffing more creatures.


Quetzorion is fine. If anything it needs its Nullifying Rampage back to 1 turn cooldown.


Yes totally agree. That 2 turn cooldown actually was a really hard nerf.


Whoa whoa hold on there. Let’s not get carried away. Entertain the new opinion for at least long enough to try and make a convincing argument. Matchup information is probably the best way to do that.

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Anyway, first of all, it is not Invincibility for 3 turns, unless Orion’s opponent uses a non-damaging move. Basically, the opponent gets to control how long the shield lasts.


Orion could possibly do with a tad less health, but its abilities are perfectly fine. (with the exception of Null rampage. both it and null impact should return to a cooldown of 1.) It’s a resilient cunning creature. Resil-fierce is what you need to counter it. (or a gemini)


Yeah, I keep forgetting they gave it 4200 HP. That was completely unnecessary imo, and it didn’t help cunning creatures in general. @ElEduardo, matchups if you please


yup,he have too much health for something with 130 speed base i feel.


Please stop nerf this, nerf that threads.

Orion is fine.


Ludia shouldn’t have buffed it last patch,3900hp was fine,now he is a bit too strong,but hey,it was part of their plan from the beginning.
Give something balance a slight buff,wait for people to complain because he rule arena and then smash it on the ground.
The last zorion buff was a mistake,no one asked for it.

I’m not crying this is just a fact.
Then add auto annihilation to magna, or armor pierce to erlidomimus or 100% dodge. Too many skills.
Less HP would be great, maybe also loss armor pierce.
Got 1000hp more than erlido for what reason ?

Please don’t nerf anything. Did you forget about constant complaints of ardentismaxima?
He got nerfed very hard in 2.1

What is? You have only presented opinions so far. Come on, give us something to work with.

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Quetzorion is by far one of the top 3 cunnings. It still isn’t OP like this thread suggests. One of my favorite ways to deal with it is monostegotops. Mine is 29 unboosted, and yet it still can go head to head with a maxed boosted quetz with attack in the 2000 range. Then you got your usual resilients, and they wreck it


Ludia was right to nerf ardentis,and now he is perfect.
Those which complain about it,where are they today?


Using something different. :raising_hand_woman:

The playstyle has changed a bit, but I’m still finding it very useful.

Thor, Mortem, Tryko, Gemini, Tenontorex, take your pick lol.

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I know that is Fine and Balanced now, but it was hitted very hard in 2.1