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Quetzorion rework

It’s supposed to be a Nulifying Strike Counter doing .66 damage to opponent.

Tell me what you guys think. :smiley:


I think everything is fine except for instant invincibility that for me at least should still be long invincibility


Honestly I don’t think it needs a buff up it is fine the way it is

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Long Invincibility it’s better than Instant Invincibility

I’ll change that thank you

All Zorion needs is for its counter to do 0.5x damage. And for it to have slow down resistance. Maybe 50%


Yeah, Orion could use Medium Nullifying Counter


I like this idea but it would be nice if it had an armor piercing move.

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I don’t really think Orion needs a buff, it’s just in the wrong meta currently.


I agree with you.

my quetzorion is lvl 24 tier 2/2/2 and i love my baby! i am in lockwood library, and sometimes it preforms well and i find it is very powerful in some situations and not so much in others, It manly depends on how you use it. but If you get its health up it can be a beast. I would prefer it to have a counter that actually does damage tho. Due to the lack of stun resistance, it just isnt in the right meta as @Raptor_R mentioned, but it is a great creature! I would like for a stun res to be added rather then decel res IMO. But with both added on, it would be maybe a little to strong as it is already has relatively high hp

An on ecscape ability would be very interesting as well

Why should it get cautious strike, a dodge and distracting ability, when its components have neither in their kits. Id prefer adding distraction to the crafty strike and not dodge. Also it has too much attack to have a 0.66 counter

It does, its basic attack goes through armor.

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I know but i meant for the rework :blush: