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Quetzorion sidestep/SHIELD bug

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Bug Description: when the SHIELD of quetzorion is active and the Next move you do it’s sidestep, if te opponent atack you, the shield doesn’t works and quetzorion recieve the damage

Area is was found in: PvP

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- use SHIELD
Step 2 - Next move sidestep
Step 3 - You are dead and if you are lucky you Wil receive a part of the damage

How often does it happen: everytime

What type of device are you using: Xiaomi Redmi note7


happened to me a lot of times when it’s chained with my Stigydaryx and then i use the shield :c

Already opened a thread on this issue.

Reaponse: null.

As well as being hit in 100% evassion which with new evassion system make Evassion creatures be the worst in game with difference.


they don’t care right?

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Yeah, at least the swap in dodge should negate ALL damage.

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Hey @kuroixx, thanks for taking the time out of your day and reporting this! Rest assured that our team has already been made aware of this issue, and they’re working on a fix.

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Rest assured rework the 100% evassion always receiving damage… Arena full of DC rampaging freely and no evassion in this game working???

Come on Ludia!!

But the 100% dodge receiving damage isn’t a bug, it’s supposed to take 33% damage like every dodge… it’s 100% of evasion success, not damage avoided.

Anyway, I wouldn’t hope for a fix anytime soon… We still have the bug where invincibility/evasion lasts one extra turn if used in the same turn of a hit and run move… I lost a match yesterday to a Indo that dodged four times! Ridiculous… That’s been going on for almost A YEAR. If it was something that was directly hurting their pockets it would have beeen fixed in less than a day…

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I know new mechanics of evassion is 100% probability of only receiving 33% but anyway it is quite absurd. In this meta any kind of evassion is not working anymore.

Evasion was not good for the game. Any time an evasive user hit the field, at all came down to a dice roll. No strategy, just a simple prayer. It was bad for the game, and it being nerfed was one of the best things to happen to this game in recent times.


I think if the evasives moves are o aren’t good for the Game isn’t the issue, the issue here is the combination of abillities that doesn’t work as suposed to.

If you are going to post, it’s better if you contribute something instead of do critics

Obviously bugs are bad and should be fixed. Nobody disagrees with that. Contrary to what you say, my opinion about dodge contributes to the discussion of dodge going on in this thread. I’m sorry if you disagree with what I have to say but I will speak my mind as I please, provided it contributes to the discussion.

Evassion was needed in the game. It was based on RNG as well as any other movement or ability based on percentages.

Now there are options to nullify dodges but it seems the only thing people want in this game is chomCRITchompCRIT and DC.

Evassion must be as it was originally. It was mind game for me.

While others complained about dodges and cloak I used both AlanKylo and Tany to avoid being smashed.

After 1.8 evassion got needed, boosts were deployed and game was destroyed

It was not a mindgame, it is a move that surrenders the entire battle to a diceroll. Not healthy for the game in the slightest. It was terrible, and made the arena far less fun.

50% for each side.

Same happens with crits 20, 30 and 40% are also “dice dependent”.

For that reason nullifying movements have been added.

But no… It’s better an arena based on fast chompers and boosted to infinite and beyond DC…

Seriously, dodges were quite fun. Maybe a slight rework as reducing % of evassion every turn creature dodges. But the stupid thing Ludia did with evassion broke any possibility of having competitive evassion dinos.

Thanks to people that cried so hard…

33% is way less than people think. Rinex can’t beat erlidom 50% of the time in a 1v1 due to cloak. I’ve been swept by Indoraptors and Proceraths that dodged everything more than a few times. Evasion isn’t broken anymore, it’s just balanced. Dodge is fine.

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It’s still not good for the game. But now, it’s bad for the user.

Thx. That at least explained what happened to me the other day. I knew the opponent’s invicibility had been through two turns and should have disappeared. I thought the shield showing was just a graphical glitch (until it blocked my damage and cost me the match).

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I don’t know about you, but I’ll take an underwhelming mechanic over a busted one any day of the week.

If I had to choose, I’d say it’s better this way, yes. But I don’t think one mistake should be “fixed” with another.