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Quetzorion VS Dracoceratosaurus (JWA Battles #8)

Since the release of 2.0, we have… two new hybrids. So two more contenders, and it looks like one is being used now! We play the game by figuring out the heights, lengths, weights, bite forces of the hybrids of JWA!

Last time, in yet another one-sided battle, Gorgosuchus absolutely demolished Postimetrodon in a battle of apparent tall legged crocodillia even though posti isn’t a croc, again.

This time, we have a battle between Quetzorion, the small, fierce feathered hunter, and Dracoceratosaurus, the dragon horned lizard. Yes, I looked up the name components. Let’s get to it!

Height: 17 Ft
Length: 24 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 1,750 Pounds
Weapons: Teeth and claws, can probably peck out your eyes
Advantages: Physical Strength in teeth and claws
Disadvantages: Worse Weaponry

Height: 16 Ft
Length: 25 Ft
Weight: 3.5 Tons
Bite Force: 750 Pounds
Weapons: Horns, along with teeth and claws at times
Advantages: Better weapon strength
Disdavantages: Physically weaker

A newly hatched Quetzorion roams the forest. The father is supposed to keep watch, but got distracted by one of the goats that tend to be released into the area. The young Zorion runs forward without looking in that direction, and bumps into a Dracoceratosaurus. The larger animal looks down at the juvenile in annoyance, and prepares to step on it, before its father charges and uses its claws to knock back the danger, (null rampage style). Dracoceratosaurus, highly irritated, gets ready to charge at its new foe. The adult Zorion sees his mate, and commands her and the youngling to retreat. Dracosaurus charges at Zorion who barely dodges. Not wanting to waste his chance, Zorion jumped and slashed his opponent, and proceeds to slash combo before Dracosaurus counters and headbutts Zorion in the air. Dracosaurus charges forward and whips his opponent into the ground before ramming him again in cleansing impact style. Sliding back, Zorion recovers and charges back. Zorion uses a clawing combo on his foe before whipping him foward and finishes with yet another null rampage style attack. Not accepting a possible fate, Dracosaurus charges and impales Zorion, spilling blood. As a last ditch attempt to win, Zorion slashes his opponent’s eyes, being released from the impalement. Zorion slahes his opponent again and again, before finally finishing by pouncing and breaking Dracosaurus’ neck, ending him. Zorion jumps off, panting before finally falling down himself. Zorion’s mate comes by later that day, and sees the corpse. She decides it’s probably better that the baby doesn’t know where father is.

Geez, that’s never happened before… Anyway, this is the closest battle we’ve had in a few episodes. The two were even in almost all stats, but their weapons and physical strength was when the stalemate ended. Dracosaurus’ weaponry was clearly the better of the two, after all, ceratopsian and pachycephalosaurid DNA made it obvious, but the carnivorous, even if one was a fish eater, meant that Zorion’s bite and claws would be a lot more deadly. But this fight had to had one winner. Well, as it turns out, charging at an equally fast opponent wouldn’t do you much good as a slower one. Dracosaurus was a bit tougher, yes, and therefore could, in theory, last long enough to pierce Zorion’s body open, but when your opponent repeadly dodges your attacks, and your bite force and claws aren’t as strong, your durability will only serve you so well. I know I had an impossible ending, but remember these fights are always just for fun and never literal after if it happened Dracosaurus would’ve won! Overall, a little dodging a physical strength was enough to claim his victory, making the winner of this battle Quetzorion!


Do you think Dracoceratosaurus could’ve won? Do you agree with the calcs? Don’t forget to comment, and be vote for the next fighter!

  • Edaphocevia
  • Diloracherius
  • Tyrannolophosaur

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Honestly I’m tempted to try and do an animation of this fight…



17ft tall…

Quetzalcoatlus: Am I a joke to you

But that probably is too tall, Spinoraptor (not Spinotahraptor) is 15 ft tall

Well turns out even the game says that’s the case


Yay quetzorion

Lol, people should be voting for the new hybrid!!!

quetzorion is good!

@SonicNTGD When is the next one?

It’s out: Diloracherius VS Tenontorex

ok, yay, @SonicNTGD

I don’t see it tho :(. Can you post the link?

TY, @SonicNTGD