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Quetzorion - Who should it replace?

Monday after next, I will have the Quetzorion thanks to the championship. Hopefully the fuses will bring it to 22, but I get tons of 10’s on uniques.

Anyway, who should it replace here?


Max, Lania and Thyla are out of the question, obviously.

I think Draco should be the one to go, though. it’s been the least helpful of the creatures on the team.

If you wonder why I don’t think it should be Alloraptor, it has 140 speed. And that’s helpful.

What do you think?

If you’re not taking allo of them I’d say phorus

Trust me, Pho is way more valuable than it seems. I’d probably stick with taking off Draco, I seem to get Allo or Thyla everytime I face a Max anyway, and they always seems to die before I get Allo or Thyla on em too.

Definitely draco he’s only good in very specific situations

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You should replace monolometrodon, Orion is a lot better than that thing

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Just gonna say, alloraptor can end up being a liability. It can beat max but only if equally boosted. And with how differnt builds for max are, there isnt a right way to boost allorap to counter them all. Speaking from experience as I had a speedy allorap last patch.

As for what should leave for orion, probably monolometrodon.


Draco Out…Monolometrodon is a good creature…little Magna :grin:

I’d replace the Alloraptor myself 140 speed or not.
It just seems to be the weakest link to me.

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If these were all equal levels, then dracocera (although your team could use some swappers) However with that lineup, alloraptor. However, alloraptor and phorasaura are both better speedsters than quetz, so keep alloraptor in mind

Those two can get uniques so I’m not taking them past 20, but I’m taking off Draco because I rarely ever need it, but most of my other creatures, even the alloraptor, play a valuable role

I’m looking at things differently. I’m one that like the variety of creatures to play. The idea that you gain more unique’s and legendary’s so you can swap creatures in an out every few games to keep things interesting is one way to go. This way your not just playing the same team day in and day out.

Congrats that your getting another unique. Have fun with it till you get more. Every time I get a new creature up to team level, I tend to play it for a while till the next one comes up. Even if I drop a few hundred trophy’s, I know I have a team I can put back together and gain them back.