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Is quetzoriion worth using? I have herd Orion is a pretty good creature, so should I use it.

It used to be really good, until Resilient came along.


It’s an anti-Cunning Cunning in a meta where Cunnings aren’t relevant, and the only ones you’ll find are Erlikospyx, Gorgotrebex, and Smilonenemys, and it’s unlikely your opponent will ever pit their Cunning against a Quetz.

For lower arenas, like, say Aviary and below, it’s good enough on its own and worth the investment I think. But Lockwood and above, you’ll start seeing some monsters that can very easily handle it.


I think the best thing is to wait until the resilient update happens, then I will make my decision.

Orion is still (in my opinion) the King of the Aviary. Just a shame about that loss of attack.


Yep because aviary is full of indo and erlindom which are zorion’s Snack. But once you enter mid library, your opponent would mostly swap to tryko or big chomper when zorion try to kill their cunning.

I have been stuck in the Aviary for a long time now and am trying to find the the team to get me out of this arena.

The amount of Erlidoms, spyxs, indoraptors(and gen 2) is ridiculous in the aviary. All these things orion can counter so I am thinking of using it

only in skill not good in arena

I think the best arena arena for orion is aviary. There are a lot of things there that orion can counter so imma have to disagree with you

but there’s where the apex start to show up and even if it is why build one when it will be trash later on

to get out the aviary

but not needed to do so

Quezt is really good. It is reliable, and a wall if you can’t bypass shields and/or dodge. Plus it can and will hurt most resilients, and I always find myself able to get a NR off at minimum, which is usually decent damage. I do agree with that in higher arenas it suffers, but in Aviary it demolishes anything that isn’t Thor (Tryko can be a pain, but if you play carefully it usually is almost dead or just beaten).

I’ve got her in my team in Gyrosphere. With Magna fading, I find that she’s still good, just not great. With the rest of my team setup, Tryko is the only one that gives her hassle (unless I place Scorpius in it again, in which case, Quetz actually comes in very useful). I’ve even found her to be a fairly reliable counter to Mammolania.

Yep. It’s apparently been a counter since 2.0 dropped. I just never faced one with her until around a month ago.

Yea. Definitely the king of the low aviary 100% (probably with thordor by its side)

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the thing I love about orion is the the fact that it can still be quite lethal even with low hp.


She’s worth using in the Unique tournaments against SCPG3, ELania, and CompyC. Just watch out for the resilients.