Quick Little JWA Xmas Art

I want to try to do a little xmas doodle art thing before its officially xmas. So, I am doing a little drawing with a bunch of dinos huddled around a tree with other stuff going on as well in the background or the sides. So, I would like to kinda get the community involved in this drawing by letting u choose 1 dino to be in my little art doodle( don’t know if that makes sense and this is totally optional). The dino can be almost any dino, it can be from the movies, from the short films, from different games, etc etc, as long as its Jurassic World/Park related dino. So yeah, just give me a dino down in the comments(what it is and from what, ex Stegoceratops from JWA) and I’ll put it into my xmas doodle. I will prob start later tommorrow which is when I will stop taking dinos, so you’ve got quite a while I guess. I’ll make warnings or something before the thing is over. I’d love to get as many people to participate as possible(if you want, idk, just want there to be something) Happy Holidays btw!!!


Giganotosaurus from JW evolution :grin::grin:

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tupandactylus the christmas turkey!? :smiley: what if they were putting the star on the tree?

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synthetoceros as rudolph

Maybe dryosaurus from JW Evolution?

the christmas chicken