Quick panochthus pack before they fix it

I too got 650 LPs, it was multiplied to 2x. Normally iirc the 50k pack gives 1,950 LPs.

can’t win’em all i guess :stuck_out_tongue: Extra LPs from the pack would have been nice though.

Wish they would have done this to the 10k pack instead, i’d dump all my LPs today in a heartbeat

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Sadly when a mistake or glitch benefits a players game like this it is fixed right away.

Meanwhile I still cannot collect SDNA after a tournament and need to send a ticket in if I want to receive what should have been automatically applied to my account.


and i dont have 20k loyalty points


Idk what yall are on about, even if the glitch was fixed.

Might I remind you all:

^ pretty much this. Even then, Ludia ignored my latest support ticket so I’m now at the mercy of whenever they feel like compensating me for their mistakes.


this is for hackers and we are not hackers and this packs had these prices due to ludias mistake but its ok because that mistake was a good mistake

No foul play anywhere, they offered the pack, no way to know if it was on purpose or not and i’m certainly not going to ask them. It’s not my responsibility to proof read the stuff they put out. For all i knew it could have just been a visual glitch, it was a risk for me to buy the pack, i might have only received the normal amounts.

Too bad it wasn’t something more desirable, i would have purchased more.


Title says otherwise, like you knew or correctly guessed that it was not intentional, then drew attention to it. That’s the issue.

all of EULAs say otherwise.


I’m afraid Ms. Bae is pretty much right on this, I wouldn’t be risking my account for a creature which is on the list that no one is willing to invest on because of the uselessness of Cenos for the reasons we all know. Even if I somehow decided to go for it, I wouldn’t be sharing my act on this as declaring it on the official forums, especially with a title like that as Bae mentions.

We all know you are, so we are, the fair users here. There is no doubt on that. But as you know, this “exploiting glitches and bugs” topic is a controversial one and even if I’m on your side as I agree that the responsibility is on no other than the developers’ side but in the end, sadly the protocol says the otherwise as we should avoid being a part of such situations.

Personally, I do not want any of you my good friends having some bitter results after such silly details the game has, and most probably will be having in the future.

P.S. LPs are far more important to me in my current stage of the game, than the content of that pack, aside from all this.


Am I missing something here? I thought panocthus was a 10k creature not 50k…

Nevermind I understand now, the resources are 50k pack…


I can guess and assume all I want, it doesn’t mean anything. If you read the 1st post there are clearly signs of unsureness. !st asking if it is “legit” meaning “is this a visual glitch? or for real, is it on purpose or not?” who knows nobody, Sure let me put in a ticket and find out. I rarely put in tickets for things i miss out on because of their mistakes, guarantee I ain’t going out of my way for something like this.

I wouldn’t say it’s a glitch or a bug, It must have just been a mistake, mistakes happen, own it. I was honestly a little surprised to see it change. The title was more tongue in cheek than anything, that’s just me and I actually keep the smart remarks, sarcasm, troll level down pretty low otherwise i’d be suspended from here pretty often :rofl:

If the higher ups of the game have a problem with this it is what it is. As far as i’m concerned there was no wrong doing on my part or anyone who purchased the pack. And the pack was only even worth it for me because i didn’t own a copy and even still not sure it was worth it but I like buying packs on occasion and I haven’t purchased an LP pack in months so it added a little excitement for a change. If i had a pano I probably wouldn’t have even wasted my LPs on it. Most of the packs are trash and rip offs and everyone knows it.

As far as risking my account, whatever, it’s just a game I have more important things to worry about. In the long run the game is going to shut down eventually and everyone will be left high and dry. Who knows when though could be a long time could be sooner than anyone anticipates time will tell.

As far as things like exploiting glitches bugs, i can really only think of 1 time in the game since i started playing again early last year where there was a fairly clear instance. The one time stakeholders i think it was, it kept reseting, you could just keep finishing it over and over and rack up some serious LPs. Not sure anyone got in trouble for that but not sure Ludia has time to be trying to track individuals accounts to see who was taking advantage of it. I imagine that would be way more work than it’s work so unless you are blasting it everywhere here or on FB or something you were probably safe. For some reason i feel like my lineup wasn’t that great and I couldn’t take advantage of it at the time.