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Quick Question for Y’all

Am I the only one who uses Megalosuchus??
I feel like the first couple days after 1.10 I saw a couple, and haven’t seen any since.
I haven’t done an in-depth check of the LB, and the Friendly teams are displaying sometimes… but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any.

Breaks mah heart :broken_heart:

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It’s just too frequently outgunned unfortunately. I think it’s in need of a rework

As it is now gorgosuchus is superior


Breakin mah heart even further lol

I used to use it, but it really isn’t good for anything. There are other better counter attackers. And like what others say, Gorgosuchus is better. Meg is just one of the many under powered legendary creatures.

She isn’t really that great of a dino if I’m gonna be honest. Plus, Gorgosuchus is much better than her. If I were to use her, I wouldn’t even be able to level her that high up, since I use my Kaprosuchus DNA for Spinotasuchus.

Godsmack’s “I Stand Alone” plays in the background


Being the only one that uses it at 30 makes it unique, doesn’t it? :wink: