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Quick question regarding Clash of Titans


Just wondering, the ‘unlock’ sign in events useually indicates that by completing the event you unlock the creature in question. I just wonder wether te unlock sign on clash of titans (edestus) means I’ve unlocked the event or I will unlock the creature upon completeong the event

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You unlock Edestus after completing the event.

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Right now, you’re trying to unlock the event (the locked lock). Once that happens, you can attempt to unlock the creature (the unlocked lock)

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cheers, thats what i was hoping to hear :slight_smile:


yeah thats good, ive never competed in one before. What does the difficulty tend to be?

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As with most event battles, they are based on your strongest 3 creatures. If you are currently able to win most event battles, you should do fine with Clash


Which means, for the love of Lando and L3, do not let any of your dinos get ahead of the others at all, or you’ll be paying the Hutts for generations to come.


*If you reach dominator league.

Otherwise you get the tiered reward for the tier you play at.


@Kiarash_Bahar is talking about Clash not the tournament

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