Quick question with Mortem Rex

Sooooo since Mortem Rex is clearly for those that either have lucky zones with which are able to level dinos easily or they have very deep pockets with which to purchase boosts, where does that leave the unfortunate low levels that would love to sink their talons and teeth into Mortem Rex? Once the event is over entirely, will lower levels somehow be able to dart Mortem Rex in the wild? I mean since Mortem Rex discriminates against everyone else that does not fork money into the game. Also shows Ludia’s hatred for the free to play people. So what say you Ludia?


I’m pretty sure it is possible for a non-paying player to beat Mortem. You just need to have one of the few important creatures at a high enough level, and be prepared to boost it high enough. Then you have to find similar players with the other creatures that you’ll need.

But it isn’t easy. It’s kind of like those higher campaign levels.

Also, it’s probably for the best that low-level players can’t beat Mortem. Bear in mind that it unlocks at level 26.


Besides the pocket paying players, I see Mortem Rex being for those that have dedicated a long time playing this game. A free to play player having played for the last 2 years would very likely have at least one of the required dinos at a high enough level to beat Mortem.

Not sure why those at lower levels expect to have it easy and defeat this boss.

Also, is this actually considered an event that will be over entirely?


I’m free to play, never spent a dime on this game and I beat it. I am 100 % sure I am not alone, there are a lot of other f2p players way beyond me too. I’ve been playing for a while though, as there isn’t any real shortcuts when you are f2p. You have to be a little bit more mindful of what you level and where you put your boosts, but you will get there eventually if you are somewhat consistent.

With this new patch and the addition of raids, some dinos are dedicated “raid” dinos (mostly healers) and others are quite good in both PvP and raids. This means that the chances of you having a “useful” dino for raids are actually pretty high, you just have to invest in it. Let’s not forget championships which are actually huge (looking at you dilo month!) and can provide you with quite a few level on uniques.

My biggest gripe is more towards uneven raid rewards, but there are enough threads on that issue already.


Sure I have spent money on the game, I enjoy supporting Ludia, but I have not bought anything to do with boosts, I have bought more things like Trainer Bundles so I can unlock that last creature in my dinodex collection, my Trykosaurus is level 29 with 29 boosts on it, I have spent absolutely $0 on that Trykosaurus and I easily beat Mortem Rex with all my 4 team mates alive, I have just been playing since this game came out 2 years ago, I also go for constant walks. So here are some potential problems that are causing you to complain 1. You have probably not played since the start, so that is your fault for not jumping on the train sooner. 2. You don’t properly play the game, you stay at home and collect any dinos within your range, you do know you’re meant to go out and explore right? You can get 22.5k coins from supply drops daily. If you donate and participate in your alliance you can actually get 30k coins a day just from donating. Ludia will not give you this thing if your creatures are simply level 20’s I dunno, what level 15’s? What level are your creatures? In fact this Mortem raid was beaten with a level 26 Indoraptor Gen 2, that is completely fair considering Mortem Rex unlocks at Level 26. Seriously why would Ludia give you a level 26 creature when all your creatures are no where near that level? That would break the arena and get the same amount of complaints as St Patrick’s day 2018. So the only realistic thing you should be complaining about is, why have you hardly been playing the game? If you’re creatures are somehow higher then level 26’s and you have put some good boosts on them, then I would recommend trying that out. You need distractors and healers to deal with Mortem, you have to know the strategy, if you keep up with Gamepress they have tons of good strategies for all areas of the game! If you want some inspiration on completing this raid I did a video on it where all 4 of my team mates survived, check it out, only if you want to though, for all I know you only have level 20 creatures and it is completely fair that you won’t be unlocking Mortem Rex.


Arena is discriminating! It forces players to level up creatures :scream:


But seriously. Mortem is meant to be an endgame challenge, how many times should it be repeated? If players with ~25 lvl uniques could beat it, it wouldn’t be a challenge anymore. It would become a weekly routine which would quickly become boring.

All that has to change are the minimal raid rewards. Beating Mortem should be more rewarding.

Of course I write this as a F2P player. I’ve beaten all the other bosses, I can’t beat Mortem. And I’m happy with that. I’m happy that I have to progress to ultimately beat this monster.


Not too fussed about not being able to do Mortem Rex raids. I have been able to take part in winning raids on Monday and Tuesday so that was quite cool.

New player. No money spent on the game. Currently level 9.

I have been playing for 2 years non-stop and yet because of the dead zone that I have with Zone 3, I am unable to level quickly. My highest dino I have is a level 27 Thor that is for the most part max boosted. And yet I am not given a fair shake at this boss because my dinos “are not good enough”.

No offense mate, but if after two years the highest you have is a lvl 27, then you really havent played a lot at all, i got my first unique to 30 -’after like 13-14 months of playing this game, uniques takes this amount if time and now This is a tier over that, so yeah ,this is how it should be.


i still think the bosses should be beatable without boosts/ minimal boosts. even for end game players. Not talking 25-26 creatures, more like 28+. It should be possible, though very difficult and in the right circumstances. I get that it’s supposed to be better than uniques and difficult for max teams, but even people with high level creatures are having way too difficult of a time imo.


There’s a lot of shaming in this thread from players that clearly play more than average. It’s not productive for a number of reasons:

  • Not everyone can devote the time each day to max out coins (same goes for hunting) because we have bigger priorities like families, jobs, and life outside of JWA
  • Not everyone has played since launch, but it’s not their fault for not knowing about the game earlier or for playing less
  • Raid reward tiers are according to player level, so it will be faster for an L20 player to unlock Mrex than an L1 player. Even if an L1 somehow gets Apex DNA, the max unlock time is 30 weeks (almost 8 months), by which time they can acquire multiple uniques for a balanced team.

Remember unlocking your first Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Unique and how much of an improvement it likely was over your whole team? You probably didn’t have a full team of L20 Legendaries before your first Unique (most of my team was 17 or less with my first Unique).

It’s not a stretch to think Mrex should be any harder to unlock if you’re a diligent player with most Uniques under L25.

And the endgame argument is tired too, because the non-boss version of an L26 M-rex isn’t going to be a huge game changer compared to the max level+boost dinos used to unlock it, it wouldn’t even be “team level” for a while for the majority of top players unless they saved (or bought) boosts just for it.

Sure, it has the highest damage in the game and a high Crit rate, but it’s not immune to cunning moves that basically negate those advantages. The best thing it’s got is full immunity to speed decreases so a speed boost build might be a must-have.

The endgame argument also doesn’t work in a constantly updating mobile game because the goalposts always need to move.

What’s going to happen in a few months to a year when few players still have M-rex and Ludia introduces more Apex that cuts the acquisition rate in half? A third? A quarter?

Us L28 average players are still going to be far behind. Uniques are obtainable, Apex is not, (at least on a timeframe that would matter in a larger team).

M-rex might be cool, but it’s hardly going to destroy the arena/meta.

Edit: I’ve been playing rather diligently (at least 2-3 hours daily) since launch for those that are wondering.


Well, you don’t need max level and max boosts too beat it, this is the second time I beat it with a team of lvl 24/28/28/28. Think only 1 dino was max boosted , others were between 15-20 boosts. Thing is, with a “lower level team” like this one, it narrows your window for mistakes and team composition. I believe 1 dino (usually a healer) can “afford” to be in the low 20s if it has enough health, but others need to be at least 27/28 with decent boosts.

I don’t consider myself at the endgame, but it is achievable if you are willing to pool your resources towards a “raid” dino.

I’ve played 2 different raids today where we had an unboosted Spyx in 1 of them (lvl 28 I think) and the other had an unboosted Lvl 27 Indo2. It’s possible to go unboosted with higher level creatures if you have the right team around you.

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Beat it this morning with a lvl 26 unboosted indo2.

Beat it with an unboosted lvl 27 indo2.

Beaten it with a lvl 24 boosted indo2.

Beaten it with a lvl 28 unboosted maxima.

Never beaten it with an erlidom though. Regardless of boosts.

It has nothing with “getting good” or “spending money”

Its about teamwork and listening and working together. If you get the right supporting cast you can do it!


In any game I have played, endgame means endgame. Endgame does not mean an event everyone is included in, but only a few can do anything with. I have never played something where the endgame challenge is open to anyone that is not at the endgame.

This endgame argument does not take into account that 95% can do nothing with this and have no business even seeing this thing walk around on our screen, maybe give use a different creature to raid? I have said it in other posts, Ludia had to make a choice in moving the goalposts. Make it so that 5% get angry because the upper portion of the other 95% can also obtain Mortem, or make the 95% angry because they cannot. Ludia went with the latter.

Saying its “endgame” does not make a legitimate proving of anything really. The 95% still have a valid complaint. Neither stance is really proving the other wrong here. I am just not even dealing with Mortem at all.

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we were trying with a 25 tryo, 22 tuora, 23 spyx and a 26 max. with the tuora unboosted we were consistently beating round 1. we could’ve gotten farther into round 2, but a couple of us messed up turn orders.

That is kinda of a cop out though…the other members do have to be that big. I get what you are saying, but I feel like its not really an answer to what the major complaint is about Mortem right now.