Quick question


Do i use gorgosuchus lv 18 or tryostronix lv 16 until the update. With the update gorgo becomes bad so its tryo but what should i play until then


Gorge is not bad and even with the update it’s not bad… people are idiotic and don’t know how to use him properly


Cleansing impact I think is actually an asset I’m gorgos skill set. Especially if it’s ferociously charged. I’m not sure why the majority seem to think of this as a “nerf” this just makes me want to stick with my gorgo even more


My Gorgo is level 24 and climbing. It is a situational dino, and used right, a huge asset.


Because it dies against stegod now


The ONLY time you ever bring in gorge is when the opponent can be killed by ferosius strike, and then you have a rampage against the next opponent…

The amount of times I’ve gone from 1 nil down to 2-1 up with gorge


Everyone seems obsessed about gorgo being the one and only way to kill a deus, and since it won’t be able anymore, it’s suddenly useless.

It’s one heck of a fighter, extremely strong and super useful in a lot of scenarios. I agree, this change could make him a lot more interesting.


@carlsberglewis yup! Classic power up move … and then the next opposing dino is almost guaranteed to go down in a hit … or at the very least have a huge chunk of HP taken away


Exactly… I honestly don’t know how people can complain about the ‘Nerf’
They just don’t use it properly.
Even if a raptor is brought in the rampage will kill it even with the pounce reduction


What are your thoughts on it’s super hybrid? I’ve had a decent bit of megalosaurus stocked up but I don’t really want to give up that defense shattering rampage… it’s the same move that all the tryox fans rave about, I just don’t have enough Barry around me to upgrade my postimetrodon)


I know gorgo is not bad i am asking if tryostronix is better


Tough question …tryox is immune so it doesn’t need to be cleansed

On the other hand, gorgo has higher HP.

Both are the same speed…

I think it comes down to who you are facing


immune is huge. the most annoying things are stuns and decelerations. i’d say tryostronix over gorgo. but it’s probably easier to find gorgo’s ingredients to level it up more.


It’s been discussed elsewhere but if tryox was as fast as it’s ingredients, it’d be a complete beast (or more of one)


i’ve just never seen a gorgo or trystronix survive more than 2 turns. so i’ve never be able to bring myself to put it on my team.


I have it at level 17 and won’t use it… weaker attack and no rampage… the counter is good but for me the extra 300 attack makes all the diff