Quick Suchotator question

Is Suchotator a good Indoraptor counter? It has some good skills, like nullifying, DoT, crippling, etc., so thinking it might come in handy. Have never used the ugly bugger on my team, but have leveled it to 19 and can easily go higher, because Suchomimus is very abundant where I live. Is it worth it though?

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I’m only just starting to use it myself, but in the right situation against the right dino…bleed, cripple, bleed, cripple can be devastating. Forces them to use SS if they have it and then swap out. If you remind me tomorrow, I’ll post a video of me trying it out for the first time. It was fun, but also risky. edit: dont forget, indo can cleanse

Against an AI, Suchotator works great. But most ‘real’ players are just going to hold off using CS or Evasion and hit you with normal attacks – Suchotator doesn’t do enough damage to really threaten Indo.

That said, when you can pull Bleed off, it brings a smile to your face.

I have a suchotator at level 23 and I constantly face indoraptor with it. At equal levels, suchotator has a decent chance against indoraptor. Even at a few levels lower, suchotator can get a ‘draw’ against an indoraptor.

The game usually goes like this. If indoraptor and suchotator face head to head, suchotator should use lethal wound because indo don’t have DSR yet and the enemy indo may use a normal strike or evasive because CI must be saved to cleanse DOT damage. Because suchotator is slower, so the bleed will be effective for one turn. On the second turn, indo will use CI, so you should use SS on your suchotator to gain speed advantage. On the third turn, depending on whether you can kill the indo with null impact. If you can, then use null impact, if you cannot, use lethal wound instead. At even levels, if the enemy indo didn’t use evasive, you will get the kill, if enemy indo did go for evasive, the outcome depends on how you perform on your previous attacks. At equal levels, if either of your SS or lethal wound damage hits, indo is going down with your null impact.

However, if indoraptor had used one of its attacks first (Ex. used a normal attack to kill your previous wounded dino), things will become tricky because indo now has DSR up. Theoretically, if suchotator comes in and uses IC and indo uses cleanse, suchotator will lose without dealing any damage. If suchotator uses lethal wound and indo uses DSR, suchotator will also lose but will be able to deal a lot of damage to indo (Safe option). But because many people will save cleanse for the wound, it’s safe to assume they will go for DSR (At least 9/10 they will after played against so many indo users), you can go risky here to use IC immediately and use lethal wound next turn. In this way, you will have a very high chance to get the win assuming equal levels.

In conclusion, suchotator can take down indoraptor with tactics. It’s not so reliable as tany but has a decent chance against it when well played.


In the forum I have read quite a few people prefer it to spinotasuchus or spinotaraptor as a DOT dino. Personally I find it to be way too slow meaning it’ll have to receive the 1st hit most of the time. Indoraptors are created at lvl 21 with 1097 damage and the cleansing move.
Annoying yes. Counter no

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I think all depends on the level of the dino, as usual, but yes Sucotator COULD be a good indoraptor counter.

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Putting just a heart on this post is not enough. I want to thank you for your deep analysis. :+1:


I like Suchotator and it is on my team - currently L19 - I’m on the cusp of 4,500 trophies. I tried Spinotasuchus but find Suchotator is more versatile.

The ingredients are also easier to come by - I’m not in the Suchomimus zone but there is one nearby and as you only need 50 per fuse its easy to grab enough for a serious advancement. I don’t get much Kaprosuchus and need it elsewhere.

Suchotator’s bleed/cripple/repeat can be a real killer and has the added bonus of being a nullifier too. Being slower actually works to its advantage as most people throw a cleansing move at you when they see her which gives you a free bleed. And makes them constantly use a low hit cleansing move (esp when distracted).

As with a lot of creatures - it has a time and a place and therefore is not something you would start with (in my opinion).

As an aside I find strike events a valuable way of getting used to a creatures moves and combos as you face a variety of opponents and can always bring in a heavy hitter if you need to. I used Suchotator in the last two and learnt a lot and have used it far more effectively since.


For only being a Rare, Suchotator is an extremely powerful and versatile creature when used right. I’ve often thought that it’s basically the game’s equivalent of Angemon. Only the equivalent of a champion, but easily able to hold its own against Epics and Legendaries. And yes, if used correctly, Suchotator stands a pretty good chance of at least doing some serious damage to Indoraptor before getting taken out.

I guess I did wrong ignoring the suchomimus for months. I imagine that his great health makes him useful. I created the Spinotahraptor and I could take it up to 20 but, unfortunately, in the sand it does not help me for almost anything and it has not been in my team for a long time so, since I did not create the spinotasuchus, I do not have any “bleeding” blow " Nor do I worry much because almost all my adversaries have “anti-bleeding” or are directly immune.

Anyway, for a couple of weeks I spend the day capturing suchomimus in case one day I have enough to take the talker from my current level 10 to 22 or 23 (I could actually take it to 18 but I’m not interested).

Spinotahraptor is quickly earning it’s place on my team. It has a solid bleed with Gashing Wound and Distracting Rampage (basically Pounce in all but name).

Lately I’ve been actively hunting Suchomimus because it’s swap in wound ability is too tempting not to play with. Combine that with it’s Gashing Wound attack and it has the potential to cause serious harm. I’ve even considered giving Sarcosuchus a chance with it’s combination of Minimal Wounding Strike and Lockdown Strike. Use Lockdown to keep them pinned and just stack on the wounds.

Gashing wound just sounds so wrong …

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Why not just call the move “Arterial Spray”? LOL

Same as a “Gushing Wound”, really… or “Gashing”. Either way, “Arterial Spray” sounds better than “Paint the Walls Red With the Blood of your Foe”.