Quick Survey

I just wanted to know what creatures are viable and what aren’t since I’m stuck in the Nublar Jungles and don’t know what creatures are in higher arenas like Aviary or Lockdown, so that’s why I made this topic.

Survey #1
What are the best options for tourneys and which dinos should I avoid?
Survey #2
What creatures should I have for Badlands and up?
Survey #3
Since the release of Rexy, I’ve been struggling with her, she even beats cunnings. What creatures should I unlock and get more DNA for her?

Could you send a pic of your team and some of your locked creatures please

This is what I mean by locked creatures-

Some good legendaries that are fairly easy to get that I recommend are Thylaconyx, Tarbognathus, and Alloraptor

I wouldn’t recommend Alloraptor
It’s very mediocre


I’m already on getting those, thanks

Is Poukaidei still viable? I’m almost on unlocking that.

Work on leveling up your megalotops. It’s a reliable counter to Rexy and all those buffed up fierce infesting the arenas. It can even take down flocks with the right moves. I would recommend getting ankylodactilus. It’s quite versatile and relatively easier to get as all of its components are available in the wild. Make room for resilient creatures on your team. Right now it’s quite unbalanced. All the best.

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its usable. viable, not so much. itll do a lot of dmg to rexy IF they are on an even playing field

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Poukadei isnt a option against Rexy, but its hybrid its hybrid Poukandactylus is a super counter. Phorurex is one good one too, and i believe the new lystrosuchus and and fukuimimus are also decent counters

if you get reads correctly poukaidei does a lot of damage, and ive even killed a few rexies in skill tourney formats. im not saying its a counter, but its a better option than most…

That’s a lie

Yeah polka would be good against Thor
Advantages against Thor: stun resistant, dodge, and insta distract.

Also pouka could replace velocerhacos. Try to get a resilient to replace acro with and another resilient to replace velo or Procerathomimus

No it’s not
Tell me how is Alloraptor good

Best glass cannon in the game

chaast,teryx,megalotops,ankydact,dreadactylus,compy,tarbognathus,lystrosuchus and dodocevia: are you sure about that?

most of them are relevant in the epic/legendary meta and what they all have in common? yes a winning matchup againts alloraptor some are not even fair ankydact demolishes alloraptor hard same with argenteryx,chaast and megalotops… so if you think alloraptor is any good in the actual meta well maybe look at all those flocks,fukui and rexy dominating the legendary/epic hybrid tournaments and lower arenas

andrewtops exists :moyai:

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He’s more Of a revenger.