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Quick Tournament Legendary Question

I’ve noticed that the recent tournament prizes have all been newly released dinosaurs. Will tournament legendary prizes ever cycle (will there ever be a future tournament whose prize is an already existing tournament legendary)? If not, is there literally no way to unlock those tournament legendaries anymore?

this has been a nice change of pace typically tournaments are for already unlocked /released creatures. Lately has been the exception and not the norm.


Ok thanks! I was starting to think this game was trolling me by throwing 4 Kapros at me when Gorgosaurus is tournament legendary.

Loads of creatures have had repeated tournaments, I remember gorgosaurus, troodon and a few others from my old account that had been repeated so I’m sure we will get a chance at some old tourney creatures soon

And would the competitiveness of repeated tournament legendary tournaments be noticeably lower than these last two have been? Since the people who have those unlocked probably wouldn’t try as hard? Is that how it works…?

I’m not sure, although tournaments are a whole lot easier now.

Take the early years of the game, imagine trying to build up your arsenal without any of the vip creatures, no tourney hybrids, 90 percent less tourney dinos, no scapthognathus, no therazinosaur, no postosuchus, no kaprosuchus, no common hybrids, half of the rare, super rare and legendary hybrids, it was a lot harder to get into dominator back then.

But if your asking if they will increase the trophy count or difficulty then I dont think they will, and the trophy count seems relatively the same for newly released creatures and old ones, you will find yourself doing better in tournaments in time and soon dominator wins will be a walk in the park :+1:

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The high DNA cost of getting a copy of these and their much higher value in the game is why they are always more competitive than regular tournament creatures, regardless of whether you already unlocked them or not.

Hmm… maybe I’m the odd one out here, but it seems like tournaments for new dinos end higher (around 1500-1600 trophies) than tournaments for already released dinos (around 1200-1300 trophies). Not counting VIP, bracketed, or rule tournaments.

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OK, unrelated question. Can a VIP tell me how hard the Acrocanthosaurus event is and how many battles it takes? If the difficulty is just like a normal event then I’m taking the VIP trial the moment it pops up.

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The VIP Tournament is always easier than regular and also requires less :trophy: count.

Wwwaaaiiittt… it’s an actual tournament? Not just a regular event? Shoot.

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The weekly schedule had mentioned it as a tournament this week…

Oh. Oops. Guess I’ll go cry in my corner now lol.

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