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Quick view dino info during hunt


Not sure if this was discussed before, but I had always wished i could tap on the dino’s picture and view its current stats, this helps me decide if I needed this dino or should I focus on the other dino nearby. It’s cumbersome to have to switch to Collection section every time. Not to mention having to scroll through 100 over dinos to look for it.


That would be great. I try to make a mental list of which ones I need. Stat wise and if they are used for hybrids.


Don’t even need to reinvent the wheel, just use existing assets!


Just dart every dino in range. They might be pitifully useless now but with a new range of dinos coming in, you might need those dna later. VRap used to be common and plentiful as hell before. Not so now…


This is already suggested, I think it will be a great implementation. The other thread is buried somewhere…


This would be definitely a good addition… but where is the despawn timer that we all need!! :eyes:


I think they will give us… somehow. With the scent, we can receive some common / rare / epic dinos, and the scents last for a limited time. So after this time I suppose the dinos will despawn.
So for f2p it will be random as it is now, if you pay or if you are so lucky to spin some scent from supply drops, as for the bucks, you can use it to your advantage.