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Quick way to see all creatures ready for evolution


I’d love a way to know which of my dinos are available for evolution in one screen.

If I go to the hatchery and tap “Get Dino,” I’m taken to the market with all the dinos that are ready to be hatched at the front of the queue.

At current, I know of no one way to see what creatures are ready for evolution except by hunting-and-pecking across my park (and it’s even harder for aquatic and Cenozoic creatures, where I have to scroll across the horizontal bar at the bottom).

Could we have buttons on the incubators in the fusion lab like we do in the hatchery, that show us what creatures are ready for evolution? Or some other way quickly to see all creatures ready for evolution?

Thank you for considering.


I have a bit empty space in my park where I put the dinos that are waiting for evolution. Afterwards they are going back, not necessary to their old location. Nevertheless a tool would be great.


Good idea, They also add the timer on the Dinos cards how much the Dino takes to hatch

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