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Quiero desbloquear al labiryntodontia / I want to unlock labiryntodontia

Vi que el labiryntodontia se desbloquea con evento especial, por favor quiero que sea el evento con nivel del parque 20 porque estoy al 24 y es mi dinosaurio anfibio favorito, que mañana se haga la actualización para el desbloqueo del labiryntodontia al nivel del parque 20 porfis

Translated From Spanish

I saw that the labiryntodontia is unlocked with a special event, please I want it to be the event with park level 20 because I am at 24 and it is my favorite amphibian dinosaur, that tomorrow the update will be made to unlock the labiryntodontia at park level 20 please

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Just keep playing. Labyrinthodontia cycles through for players level 8-34 about every 1.5 months. The unlock opportunity for level 35+ players rolls around about every three months or so.


I remember when Labirythodontia was unlocked by battle stage. But tbh, i also like that some dinos are unlocked by events