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Quiet fix or tweak?

I posted similar and deleted it earlier because I was afraid of jinxing myself but it feels like things have gotten better. I have had a couple of outliers today where my opponents were massively ahead of me in trophies but most have been within at least a couple of hundred points on either side and many were within 100. This is fairly similar to what I saw before the update.

Had 11 fights to collect chests. 10 players not even close in trophies or levels. 1 fight to a player who hasn’t yet worked up the ladder in trophies yet, but had level 20’s. 0 for 11 tonight on a balanced fight. 11 bots would have been more fair.

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Ok so I just caught a lucky spot. That was what I was assuming but I was hoping it was the other way.

At least someone got lucky lol. Be broken a different way next pvp season anyway.

Yeah I’ve had a lucky patch too, clawed back up to 2800 when previously couldn’t move from 2500,

Sure I hear something new before in arena though - when I did the first smiley face icon it had an audible laugh or am I going mad? :wink:

Earlier I was in the arena for 30 minutes playing at the same time as the player one spot above me and never faced them. Just went back in and in 3 matches faced the player one below me and three below me so either coincidence or something changing. They both destroyed me so maybe I take it back and don’t want fix ha ha.