Quite overpowered, but works. Aimratriras

Any suggestions to improve this creature?

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Allotops: Alloraptor + Megalotops
Coelostegotops: Coelophysis + Monostegotops
Ceolophysis - Common Damage Reduce Flock creature.

Might as well reduce the health…

And should be a flock

You need to tone it down quite a lot. 6k HP down to 4.5k or somewhere in that zone. Drop speed to 110-120 range if you keep that armor, or make it lose the majority of that armor and have it about 120-130 speed. Drop 40% crit to 30%. Nerf Terror by removing the Increase Damage effect and make it a strike move. Heavier Haze needs some of it’s effects removed, such as the cleanse or nullify. Shaded Power should just be Rending Takedown instead. Get rid of Alert Withering Destruction entirely, for a much more mundane, less over the top move, like a Group Definite Impact or something. Give it Medium Nullifying Counter at most, Hypnosis Lock can go as well. Maybe a Minor Heal On Escape instead of Cleanse On Escape. Distraction, Deceleration, and Stun need to be dropped to about 50% resistance, over 100%. Stun can have 75% or so resistance though.


Giving a Definite Rampage type move to a creature with full distraction immunity is a big no no.


High Damage creature i meant

Thank you. I’ll update it.

Here. I think this should be satisfactory:

Why is it’s moves targeting different Dino’s at once!?!? I can’t wrap my head around it, could you make it less complicated and not target multiple creatures?

Unless that’s just how it’s supposed to be but it doesn’t make sense to me

Okay, Heavier Haze will have group.

Here’s a good improvement

Hope and pray this dosent actually get added