Quitting Time

The game is to unbalanced to continue. What makes anyone think that my level 11 characters fighting level 14 characters is fun? Oh and as a kicker my last battle was against 4 level 14’s all with Silverhand gear. Awesome! Can’t wait to play another match. What a waste of time.

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If you continue to play you’ll discover that silverhand weapons are nothing special, I worry about matching an opponent geared with all common garb far moreso than all legendary and silverhand. And I usually fear facing lower level characters rather than higher ones in an enemy - and this is because of the way the system works.

Generally (unless you’re on a huge losing streak), if you match someone lower it means they are geared and upgraded to teeth and are matching you based on overall power and their max trophy count - which would be at least equal to yours. There is this one guy I keep running into that has only level 12 heroes (4 to 5 levels below me), and we split our wins about 50/50 every time, and we’ve faced off dozens of times.

Levels mean virtually nothing, it’s like a normal gear upgrade. The only problem is that it could at times be an indicator that a player has been playing longer than you, and could have better all around gear.
It may help to learn the game dynamics a bit more before complaining, but it’s ok to rage quit.


Tat migt be true as you hit lvl 10. When you start, each level ahead means better items from unlocking (especially epics) - thats an advantage that you can’t equalize

You are correct with the unbalanced battles.

It goes both ways…

Eventually, if you continue to play, you will choose which areas to put your energy into and which areas to leave b.

DungeonBorn it’s laughable that you feel that levels mean nothing. If a character is 3 levels ahead of my characters that’s about an average of 500 HP not even factoring the other stats. That 500 HP could not be offset by the damage output of the weapons that I would be able to equip. You go ahead and believe what you like though. There’s a slew of threads here that discuss the broken matchmaking system.

@Mykle I think you’re missing the point here. Levelling a character adds about 50hp at most. Though levelling weapons only increases atk and damage, levelling other gear increases all character stats.

Gear levelling increases character stats much quicker than character levelling does.

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Although typically high level players also have high gear levels, so…

It’s all linear. Increasing the gear increases the character. I’m not too worried about fighting a level 10 character with level 14 gear. I’d like to see it. As stated match making is broken. But I’m not the first that said it. Y’all enjoy your game.

Where is Tachi when you need him? He’s got lv 10 toons and hands my party (level 14) their behinds everytime… It’s the gear.

It’s sometimes linear, not always. Many people upgrade every piece of gear available, and so they gain levels from upgrading trash (which there is far more of) as well as the good stuff. These folks are not linear, they’re rushed and unsavvy.

Unfortunately your complaints of the game at this point are highlighting your lack of understanding and knowledge of how the system works. I’m not trying to insult you, but rather hoping you learn these complexities if you do happen to continue on.

There are a number of folks ~2 hero levels above me that I thrash on a regular basis, it’s very easy to tell who leveled properly and who rushed. And as I mentioned, I think the guy’s name is Waterbear? that has literally only level 12-13 toons and handily beats level 16-17 parties. And individuals like you rage quit the game after losing to the likes of him, thinking its rigged, not even understanding how much better his account is than yours while being 5 levels less. Take care.

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Level 12s shouldnt be beating level 17s. Leveling should provide more of a stat increase

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Your thoughts appear linear…acquiring this ‘trash’ benefits guild members.

@herpderp yes I agree…but they unfortunately don’t, and folks have used that to their surprise advantage.

@Khmer how noble of you, parting with all of your hard-earned items. Something that virtually everyone else in the game also does. Your defensiveness clearly shows your jealousy towards those who chose to save resources and not just immediately upgrade their hero levels. It’s ok, not everything has to be about optimization, just enjoy playing your way.

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A couple of months ago I realised that this game works differently to many others I’ve played. Since then I have slowed my levelling and instead concentrated on levelling the gear each toon was likely to use and learning tactics to get the best out of this. It works for me, others may see it differently.


Smart. Indeed this game works far differently. Level gives only about a 2.5% increase in stats. The extra gold that’s not used to level non useful items builds up and can be used to buy legendaries. Leveling too gets far more expensive.

I follow this model and have not been short gold in a very long time. Nor have I missed out yet on a great legendary when I was fortunate enough to see one I really wanted.

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There was a moment when I suddenly realised where the power was. A new legendary is only sometimes great. There are rares epics or commons which in the right build can be so powerful. Not just for one toon but for your eight. Stack AC, block or injure and you win more. That sometimes you use commons does not matter. Some gear needs positioning right. Jarlaxle is not everyone’s favourite but use the right gear and tactics and his ac makes him very dangerous.

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Jar’s wound everybody ability, when leveled, can be a first turn ruiner. Pop it and kill rhe late initiative pally for the win.


Awesome @Kalu yes this is exactly what myself, Baladir, and others are talking about!

It’s a shame that folks like the original poster and a few others in this thread (I won’t name names, but it’s obvious) don’t understand these mechanics - and just complain about the game being “rigged” before they’d ever consider that they’re doing something wrong themselves. And that others have managed their own accounts, gear, and heroes far better than they have.


When the free Joppa’s were given out, I was given a free level 12 guy with, I think, four maxed out commons. For sure Jop was not perfect but right from the start J was a handful against toons 2 levels higher as those maxed commons made him unpredictable and dangerous. I’ve accrued more gear for Jop but I still use the maxed commons a lot, with them I can pull off some very strong moves.


That’s awesome, Joppa is definitely underutilized. Around the point at which you have him he begins to get better, and if geared properly, with his best pvp gear at like level 15-16…wait until you see what he can do.