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Quiz DINO!

who has more health?

Who is stronger in attack?Screenshot_20210309-162152~2
who is the most powerful?

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Tyrranosaurus, Segnosaurus and Omega 09 without checking

Trex, segno and omega. U should make them harder.

well done, you’re practically right! Omega 09 is stronger than majungasaurus and segnosaur is stronger than erlikosaur but the triceratops gen2 has more health than the T-Rex.

Last time I checked, there wasn’t a trike gen 2.
Did you edit it

Didn’t see the “gen 2”, sorry
Otherwise, i know their stats:
Trex: 1603 and 612
Trikeg2: 3172 and 733

It does not matter

who has more health

who has more health

Nunda theri
And for the first trike gen 2 segno and omega

well done, all fair!

Nunda Theri. Also if you want a quiz that lists look at this thread, it is mine.Are you sure you know all JWTG dinosaurs?