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Quolillaroon, and how he'll make you murder your friends


Hope you’re Well,

First of all, i’d like to say that I like the game but the economy is broken and it has been said multiple times since that rediculous Gold and Glory update (I believe around october).
That been said, here i go with my problem with the final boss of the Heartcoil Deeps.
I finished the main campain about 2 hours ago and my main party consist of the healer 15, warlock 13, archer 14 and wizzard 15.
After the campain was done i went to try out the challenge and most rooms seems fitting and increasing at a normal paste for difficulty. BUT when you get to the boss there is 2 broken mechanics: Dominate and multiples attack from the boss in 1 turn.

I’ve run the challenge 3 times already and every single time, I die because of that.
First time i’ve got to the room 10 and he dominated my archer who used dragon’s wrath (aoe proc from attacks) and killed crit killed my full health warlock, finished my wizard and badly damaged my healer. Next turn he just normally FURY double normal hitted my healer for over 4 000 damage: dead.

I though that i needed to prevent the dominate so i came back with a way to restore people’s sanity and not friendly fire us! But this time, quolillaroon dominated my healer (who was my restore guy that time) and he 1 shooted my archer and wizard during the 2 turns he’s dominated.

So i came back a third time thinking this was just a badluck that he dominated my healer and not one of the other 3. This time, he dominated my wizard who was first in the process of turns… She proc’ed her lightning bolt that 1 shotted my archer and warlock and almost finished my healer.

Of course, in all those 3 attemps i didn’t finish this battle and it always happened the second turn Quolillaroon has. The first one was almost always: Pull my archer in the mid-lane, use his “ATTACK A ZONE” spell and use his split.

Which brings me to my suggestions!
When 1 of your characters get dominated, they should also have a debuf to reduce the damage they will be putting out because all my heroes hit close to 1 500 on same level monster (whom has WAY higher stats than my own characters). So if my warlock, with 312 attack does 1 500 dmg to a 450 defense monster, guess how much she hits my wizard with 350 defense (haven’t tested it, but it must be closer to 2 500).
I would place that debuff to 50% damage done so that yeah it will damage and hurt me but i’ll still have a chance be able to workaround it. Because right now this is a complete kill that i don’t have any way around.

When you face the boss in the sharpstone keep, frostsilver mines, hiden forge or harvestshield mountain they all use only 1 ability during their turns… just like i can, unless i use the “gain a new action spell”.
But Quolillaroon is constantly using more abilities per turn.
The first turn is ALWAYS (for me) pulls 1 of my character to the mid lane AND THEN use his split spell for defensive measure so that i can’t hit the real boss. For me, this is 2 spells used at the same time, but there was multiple times that he did a 3 spells combo:
1- pull the archer or push the healer so that all my heroes are in the mid lane
2- then use his attack 1 zone for low damage with a ticking high damage dot for 2 turns
3-dominate someone.

For me, this is a bug, it can’t be really intended unless you really wanted to frustrate your customer… oh wait, it is.
I know as i am typing this that you’ll probably don’t give a crap about it as you didn’t do anything that was asked / reported to you for the past 7 months, but i needed to get this off.

1- fix the economy
2- reduce damage from dominated
3- boss having multiple spells/attacks in 1 turn, LOL


Yup, that mindflayer fight is touch. I only manage to get past room 10 about 1/4th of the time.

The trick with him is to focus on lower damage AOE attacks. Do not bring the rogue, she will eviscerate your party! Tommus the tank engine fares well in this one, especially if you have the epic/legendary boots that let him take a 2nd action after moving.

Using the Cleric’s Legendary Necklace is a good counter, but yes, not much use when he’s the one who’s dominated.

I’m perfectly fine with this boss casting 2 spells in one turn. It’s part of the challenge of the fight! I’ll agree that it would be nice if dominated PCs did less damage. A good compromise might be dominated PCs not rolling to do their special weapon attacks, nor do critical hits.

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