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R rated tournament poster appears in game ... ludia wth.!

Attention all moderators LUDIA needs to know about this and very quickly .!.

Tournament event now on .!.

Here is a cheeky piece of trivia for all our members ( please ladies do feel offended by this as it caught me by surprise when i first found out about it ( embarrassed ) .!. ) It was pointed out to me by a person / member from LUDIA’s own forums and everyone there is no doubt talking about it.
If you take a good look at the main picture the * Dsungaripterus * at top right actually has * Womens chest if you get my drift * instead of the normal streamlined shape of the normal Dsungeripterus .!. ( check out section in hi lited YELLOW square at top right of main picture ).
Apparently some wise acre techy / designer at LUDIA thought it would be funny to re - configure the shape of this flying dinosaur to include * certain characteristics of the human female form instead. If you look even closer still you can actually make out the lines of a * BIKINI * the Dsungeripterus is wearing as well.!.
I can definitely say this was not detected at the pre production stages when all the artwork for the event posters was submitted and it was only discovered much later after the actual poster had gone live to the game itself… :scream: :scream: :scream:
funny yes, but extremely cheeky and very sneaky IMHO .!.

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You think that’s something: wait until the first time you hear a Led Zeppelin album played backward. :exploding_head: :imp: :japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin:


checks Dsungaripterus in personal/private collection in-game


To bad Ludias offices are closed till January 5th so very likely this wont be changed.

In other words if some employee did this intentionally to show how little Ludia payed attention to their advertising(considering all the mistakes) they picked the perfect time to do so.

now thats funny .!.
lol :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Isnt the right (our right) ‘breast’ in the picture actually just the tip of it’s wing?

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I can promise you guys this is not a breast, but I will let the team know that people are trending their tournament art.


What really makes the whole picture is that streak of snow across the leg.

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Sorry, not seeing what you’re seeing.

Carrying on then.


sorry about that J.C. but it caught me by surprise when i first learned about it, perhaps i should have been a bit more * discreet * in letting you guys ( moderators ) know about it but others had already seen it so i posted something to let you moderators know it existed as soon as possible, my bad if by posting it i goofed in any way i humbly apologize on my behalf.

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no the wing tip or rather wing on the right top hand side of the picture is not showing as the wing extends beyond the outer edge of the poster itself.!.

Looks like a rib cage to me. Everybody has to be offended by something I suppose


It just looks like Dsunga, I literally don’t see anything wrong. You almost have to convince yourself that there’s even anything there when there isn’t.


This is non-sense. I can only see a Dsungaripterus there, and nothing more. Anyone who sees breasts has a really dirty mind.


Looks like someone had to find something to complain about.

All I see is the normal pectoral modification all avians need for flying. It flexes as they flap, so of course you’re going to see some muscle definition while its in motion and doesn’t have feathers.

This whole thing is stupid.

You can clearly see in its skeleton that its chest would be farther out than its stomach.


Maybe it’s all in your head.

Dr Freud would be intrigued by OP.


I can see what you are thinking but it isn’t anything. My guess it’s a spot of pareidolia where we see things that aren’t there.


I think you just have a dirty mind.

Dsunga looks like it has a keel