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R u kidding me!

What in the world is going with this fight for funds event
Its so hard

how can I fight that :rage::rage::rage::rage:


Your trope can ko it in 4 hits.

But yeah that’s a really hard battle due to cross classes.


Can we see your lineup so we can identify the unbalanced dinos


I also find this event as the most diffucult event (the only one that I find impossible). I also find the legendary rarity rumble difficult, with no room for errors to win battles. But I don’t dare to make any other legendary hybrids than low level indominus rex (level 9). From legendary creatures level 40 I have 2 T. rex, one dimetrodon, one ostafrikasaurus, 2 ichtyostega, one microposaurus, one unaysaurus, two pteranodon. Then several level 30, included therizinosaurus. Is the legendary rarity rumble getting any easier by fusing indominus rex to level 11+ or making other legendary hybrids? Or will it still be difficult?

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Yea look

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This is my strong line up

Here is your problem:

The AFS of your top three: 8,764
The AFS of your next three: 4,355
This is your real problem :point_up:t3::point_up:t3::point_up:t3:
The AFS of your opponents: 13,178

Difficult? Yes
Impossible? No, not with a deep balanced lineup of all classes.
With your roster, you will have to get lucky most likely.

With F4F you can expect the event to let you know when you have unbalanced your lineup, which you have in terms of class varieties and depth.

I consider myself to have a fairly balanced and deep lineup which is the only reason I am able to do F4F when I feel like it (it’s actually not worth the creature investment anymore for me)

Here were my rounds today and what I needed to bring for each battle…
Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:


If you got metriacanthosaurus then max it up then make metriaphodon but keep it lvl 10

It’s your choice if you want to speed up the process or not

Or make a zalmonodon with zalmoxes and pteranodon

I agree with @Sionsith I can beat the F4F but not worth the dinosaurs for such a low prize


If you have unlocked segnosaurus then make segnosuchus it is a super good hybrid

For amphibians you can make ostaposaurus I think you should make it lvl 30 too so it can help you in a good manner

I think it would be tidier if you compressed replies into one post… not intending to be rude or disrespectful but let’s not flood the Thread.


So u guys want me to get tourny hybrids so that I could win this

It’s your choice but we have given some suggestions

It’s most likely that you won’t be able to win this. It costs ~1600 DB to hatch a tourney dino, and youd most likey need it at L40 to be on par with your 3 indoms.

Look at mine today:

For me this is still possible because my top 50 dinos are only a slow drop of 2000 ferocity from best to last.

Your best bet would be to sell your 3 Indoms… but it wouldn’t fix your opponent matchup until you win your first F4F match, with the 10000 HP Eryops. Thus you are pretty much locked out of this event.

If I were you, I’d sell all 3 indoms and get new ones, and keep them at L20 until you get more legendary hybrids to back them up.


No that’s pointless, just dont do the event until your lineups balanced out, you wont lose sleep over a measly 200 bucks.


I think that’s the right option these events are not really worth it

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I do this event purely for the sdna though, rarely do I lose battles with such a deep lineup and the opponent plays fair.

If your losing too many creatures in this event then it’s really not worth doing especially if they’re multi day cooldowns that youl need for next days events.

Got away with using lower creatures this week but when my ferocity increases to sionsiths or lora greens level il probably give this event a miss and do some modded instead for a better payout lol.