Radar like beeping... aka an in game Dino Tracker!?


If you’re anything like me, you don’t cruise around the streets with the JWA sound effects on… well today I did, and I’ve noticed what can only be described as a Radar beep.

After a lot of messing around and testing out what the hell it does today, it seems like it’s an audible that a Dino is near you that hasn’t spawn on the map yet (the random spawns, ya know?)

Has anyone else tested or tried to figure it out at all?


Actually, I have an enormous dislike of noise from this game so I play on vibrate and I can’t confirm in the the Android P (Android 9) version of the game that I get a vibration when a dino spawns that was not there before due to movement.
To be clear: this doesn’t vibrate every time, only when a new one is spawned due to a players movement. I would wager there is a sound for that vibration.