Radioactive Meteorite

It would be cool if there was some sort of natural event whereby certain creatures are given temporarily enhanced powers. This could allow some of the pathetic creatures to have viability in the Arena for maybe a month or two.

How about Para with an extra 600 damage and 5 speed? Or Sarco with an extra 1200 health? Lots of possibilities to make it fun.

Radioactive Meteorite was the first thing I thought of. How about Mutated Plants with Dino Hormones? Or ?.??.?

I’d prefer getting them to lvl 30 resulting in an extra move for anything epic and below. I mean it’s quite an achievement to reach that far, seeing as they level slower than an unique.


I believe this already exists, it sounds like boost.

Or does this work across the entire platform for everyone equally?

If the second option, I like that.