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Rage mechanic update

To help fierce creatures and make taunt do something in pvp

Rage is a new mechanic were the move becomes stronger and better if the opponent has taunt, making taunt more impactful in battles and raids

Some rage move might have negative effect like vulnerability or recoil damage and more but there usually small

Like alert move, they won’t change until the next turn

If taunt finishes or removed then the returns to it calm state

There are three states, calm, clever, and Enraged

If a creature with rage and taunt immunity, it enter it clever state instead where it gain a big buff to fully take advantage of the enemy taunt with no drawbacks.

Moves with rage mechanic

Creature rework to have rage


What do you think

I like the idea, and they fit well with entelodontidae.

Yeah it definitely sounds like a great idea but how would the vulnerability resistances come into play, for example elania having 100% resistance and raging tantrum?

There’s no way you thought the same solution to make taunt useful in pvp xD

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Self vulnerability would act like swap in swap prevention and ignore the vulnerability Resistance and it can cleansed, self rend just rending yourself by that percent, also I forget redownload the creature with RR and RT since they do self rend instead of vulnerability

No, just wanted to make moves and give it to some creatures, that Why It Say “update”