Rage out

RAGE OUT is a new attack for Giganotosaurus and dinos in his lifeline(Carcharodontosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus,…) and their hybrids.

About abbility:
Destroy Shield, bypass Armor, and Attack 4x.
Can’t be stunned while do it(when oponent is faster and do some stunning attack or when dino like giga is faster and oponent do instant charge, but can be distracted like instant distraction or distracting strike)

I have much more ideas of attacks, dinos and hybrid.
In futere i making some more pictures of it.

With a 4x attack, it may need a long delay like devestation. Especially if the dinos that get it have a decently high attack stat.

Other than that, I like the concept.


Honestly it should just have like 500 attack lol then it make sense

You’re going to give a giga 500 attack? I’m expecting something like 1000-1200 tbh.

To have 4x damage ya lol

Maybe, maybe higher damege. If you thinking level 11 or 26​:joy::sunglasses:

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Maybe. If you thinking level 11 or 26 :joy::sunglasses:

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Tyrannosaurus rex with rage out…

I think you should nerf rage out to 2x damages, Giga should have a high damage stat so I don’t think a 4x damage it’s balanced

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Counter Cloak

Deal 1× after recieving physical damage, gain cloak for( max 2 turns), recieving a 75% to dodge 66% Dmg and dealing damage will be doubled

Only for Indominus-like counter attackers