Ragikylosaur (or however it's spelled stike

How did everyone do? I am not able to do as I’m on holiday and my teams to low

do you have a rare spinosauros, suchomimus, appatosaurus? can be all low level.

Any low level wounder would suffice. Two of those, one after the other and he is deadmeat!

The easiest orange one ever. Suchotator level 13 finished she with bleeding alone. With two any bleeders you are 100%.

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you have to use swap in bleed so not back to back but yeah…

I used Suchotator and Spinotahraptor.

First turn I used Suchotator with Lethal Wound, Raja countered then used Extended Critical. Suchotator dead.
Second turn I used Spinotahraptor with gashing wound, Raja countered with a crit and killed Spino then DOT took effect and Raja died.

Victory screen over an empty park. :rofl:

Level 21 Indoraptor solod it like nobody’s business :sweat_smile::joy:

I sucked i went for sheild destroyers and nullifying which didn’t work should have gone for bleeders

A few days ago I was looking on Metahub and Pocemon said that this tower was coming. And he said that the best way to win that battle qas with Spinosaurus and Suchiomimus. I had gotten my Spino to level 13 and my Suchio to level 7, and, the bleed damage completely destroyed the hybrid in like 3 turns, it did like 1700 damage with each bleed. So if you wanna beat it, use bleeding dinosaurs.

I started with Spinotahraptor, Bleed it, Raja kills Spinotah, next bring in level 15 Suchotator, Nullifys Raja’s crits, get countered, Raja sets up long protection, Suchotator has little less that 300 UP at this point, Use Bleed, Raja counters, kills Suchotator, DoT takes effect, Kills Raja.

Spinotahraptor was level 16, Suchotator level 15. Pretty easy. I also had Gorgosuchus and Alanqa for backup.

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Thx for the guide metahub!

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ONLY ONE THAT HAPPENS WHILE I’M ON HOLIDAY. I’m messageing ludia to ask if this one will return (or just ask if they can bring it back)

That was the exact dinos I chose. Suchotator (16), Spinotahraptor (14), Gorgosuchus (15) and Alanqa (15).

I hoped the Suchotator would die quickly allowing me to stack the 2 bleed attacks, but forgot that counters can crit so I lost my spino as well. Still, a victory is a victory. :grin:

Can’t believe how easy that was, spinosuchus bled, auto swapped to monomimus and down he went.

Someone elsewhere on the forum suggested it was an attempt to get us to use bleeders ready for 1.5. If that is the case, I could do with a few more “practice” incubators. Hint hint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


so ez that all it took was one actual hit…

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SIX THOUSAND Gallie? ah muh gawd LOL.

Do want! And that Raja would have been handy…way more than my 200+ Brachie -_-!


L20 sucho for the easy DOT win

So did anyone some how manage to fail this strike event? im sure someone would have because without the bleeds its not a cakewalk Dino with its counter attack hitting for over 1000, withs shield AND instant invincibility!

It was also a cakewalk with high enough level shatterers. T. Rex, Baryonyx, Indoraptor, Tryostronix, all work wonders.