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Raid battle, tips

Raid finally made it to the game, it should be the best moment to discuss strategy and find peoples to team up with .

Tuesday : mamotherium day.

It seems than if we want to have a chance against this legendary monster, cunning or nullyfing is a must have.

Group healing seems necessary to.

Edit : Just manage to beat mamotherium with 3 people :
A boosted t-rex
An unboosted diloranausaurus (did amazing)
An unboosted alloraptor (amazing dommage but really easy to kill).

Cunning are really important againt mammo, and then just add a good heal and some extra dommage.

If you have the perfect strategy, we want to hear it from you.

(And if you want someone to try out some strategy just add me )

Well I don’t know much about tactics for this because I have no one to do the raids with