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Raid battles and alliances

Do you think we should get these features here as well?

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Not really

We don’t want this game to be a complete copy of JWA


Me neither but ludia has raids in other games so i don’t think we get them around here as well

But we all know this game is a single player game. IMO I don’t think we’ll see raids anytime soon

Yes. I guess the next big thing is gonna be E750 for camp cretaceous

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besides, E750 is maybe a spinoraptor, because in Wu’s files, we see blue and a spinosaurus, if suddenly it’s a spinoraptor, ludia will have to create … blue in JWTG;

Already have spinoraptor…


I mean jurassic world the game is single player and should stay single player because if they did not say they would ban hackers, their would be more hackers, and plus i want it to be its own game and not just a copy in my opinion.


yes, but this one will be called e750

I have seen way to much spinoraptor fan art so i hope its not a spinoraptor looking thing(not saying i would not like it i just see to much fan art of this)

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Definitely not. There are leaks for it and he doesn’t look anything like spinoraptor


maybe it’s different than JWTG’s, they didn’t want to do it exactly the same, its files matter a lot in my opinion, it’s true what, I mean … people didn’t care at all when browkleen said the words e750 in season 1.

I’m all for JWTG being JWTG and JWA being JWA. Both games are good in their own way but having too much of one added to the other makes the uniqueness less than it already is, with The Game directly importing stuff from Alive.


Whatever he is he probably isn’t something that already exists otherwise there would be more leaks behind it’s true identity

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it hurts my head all its mysteries😣

I do not think so,
but a multiplayer mode could be kinda cool, like fighting between real player in pvp and maybe even some of kind of multiplayer trade harbor where someone ask something for certain ressources.

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There are multiple YouTube videos with supposedly E750 leaked pictures and the thumbnails match so I think it’s true

From what I accidentally saw it’s head looks kinda like a monolopho head and is feathery, didn’t see the actual video because I don’t want to spoil myself but it definitely looks like a new creature

Ludia will probably make another carnivore S Hybrid with the new S dna being whatever E750 is made of