Raid Boss and Skills

Now we have 7 days a week of raids.
But still i have 2 issues for this RAID.

  1. BOSS RAID was too long (3 rounds means too long already)

~ it’s good if we can pass the raid in single trial but if fails at Round 2 or Round 3 (let’s say it’s 4 Rounds Raid), we need to start over again (and again if u failed again).
~ let’s say each success raid (4 Rounds) will take 20 minutes to completed. But with failed stat, it will take more than 1 hour just to complete 1 BOSS.

  1. BOSS SKILLS totally different than actual unlocked creatures.
    ~ it’s good that now we can have extra resources for DNA from RAID but the BOSS’s SKILLS TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN ACTUAL WE USED.
    As we all know, we can’t view the skills before we unlock those creatures. But once we unlock those creatures (especially from Raid), i think most of us will think - “What The … the skills totally lame/useless than what we raided?”

I hope Ludia will look for this matter especially for no.2. It’s kind of CHEATING the players about the skills that we will used once we unlock it but it didn’t.

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1 Word: N o
because if the skills are the same then the bosses will become OP

Why NO? If the skills is overpower, then that is what is what we should get according to the raid. When u raid Trex Boss, the boss has Primal Rage but in real creature, no such skills.

Raids are Designed to fight will alliance mates and friends, not by yourself

Except for the meiolaia and badjasaurus boss

I don’t think raids is too long.


Yes. We all raid with our Alliance and others from different Alliance but my points is why Boss Skills different?

If u can do it in 1 try then it’s good.

Raids are supposed to be hard, thats why the boss’s moves are different

  • Boss moves shouldnt be added in the the normal card moves
  • Boss moves should be added in the the normal card moves
  • STOP
  • THIS

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Did u satisfied with what u get after u raid an unlock it? Can check from Field Guide anyway. :sweat_smile: If they use the current skills into Raid Boss, means that boss is no OP, right? So, why others keep on asking for nerf then? :sweat_smile:



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Its a literal raid boss

the moves have about the exact same theme when you get it

Just renamed

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Nope. Did u unlock the Haast Maximus (Eagle Boss)? It get buff every times u hit it but when u unlock and use it, does it have the same move theme or buff? :sweat_smile:

I know it’s the Boss. Bigger and better with some extra resistance (well, that can be ignore because it turn bigger maybe :joy:) but why not use the same move as the one we get? Mortem Rex may have moveset according to what we get after unlock it (except now no more cleanse and roar now with buff but applied after attack (hmmm) :no_mouth:).