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Raid boss perils

I like the idea that the bosses are shown on a different way and that every player can start a raid so he can pick his friends also and can try it seversl times to look for the best strategy.
Now… the first I can pick because it stands in my house and walks trhough my scent spans, but I can do it.
For the next 2 include mortem rex I have to walk to get it.
And with all the falueres we get it is not nice.
And this one, you need to try several times to get it.
I did not so far.
Some of the best of my Alliance wont do with me and take only the top to try, so can,t rely on that.
Best is every player can pick his choise from home!

Otherwise Mortem rex will stsy a no no for a very long time.

I have to agree, today I had to walk just to reach Mortem Rex, it is annoying as we attempted 3 time before we won so I am just sitting on a rock in public for 45 minutes looking like a weirdo and also the fact that I am using unnecessary Mobile data, whilst I could be playing this at home.
I feel Ludia needs to add a Boss/Map refresh button in case if we don’t get a boss near our house, that way we can reload the bosses until we have them within range of us, either that or bosses needed to spawn every 200m.

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Ludia news said that the bosses would show up and would move all day. I’ve had several cases where I was trying to do a raid and the boss just wandered out of my range.

Not only that, one time I had to travel way out to get to raid bosses that spawned and then when I get back home, suddenly, there is one in range. after that, bosses only appeared miles away from my home. If I hadn’t recently bought a bike, I wouldn’t be able to start raids on my own at all.

Not to mention stops suddenly changing from green to orange for a few weeks, and then suddenly going back to green again. don’t get me wrong, the stops are still far superior to pokemon go’s. It’s just weird when stops stop being event locations for almost a month and then suddenly they’re back again like I wouldn’t notice.

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This week there was no boss in reach.
I am sick of it that I can,t pick my own friends and must rely on my Alliance to beat it.
I am not gonna sit somewere in publik to fight it!