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Raid bosses change?

So apparently one of the new bosses is pyritator right? And does anyone know when I can expect the bosses to change? Will it be a monthly thing or cycling every update?

yes, that was in on of Gamepress’ articles. And no, we don’t know yet the cycle.

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dont forget T-rex is a boss too

Tryo would be nice and magna to replace smily.

could someone share the link where it mentioned that the bosses would change?

I’m ready for new bosses. Keep Motem for those working to get it but they need to add lots of new bosses and cycle them and should have bosses to go with the weeks theme.

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That would be too much coding for Ludia.

They have to rotate the ELU bosses maybe every patch or better change once in the middle of 2 patches and then again at the start of the next patch.
2.0 1 set
1 set 5-6 weeks later
2.1 new set


Somehow, I don’t think the rumor came from Gamepress… They may have said a word or two about it, on one of their datamine articles, but from memory, it came from two different other sources (One saying they saw some code about Pyrritator being a boss, and another one showing what could be the next bosses… I never really considered any of those sources reliable, but the fact that Pyrritator was on both of them, who knows… image

In theory, monday we should see the “zones changes”, so why not the new bosses while at it… (Yes, I’m an eternal optimist)


Im sure Morty will be around a long time hes an end game boss.

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Omg id love those 3! Esspecially rexxy since shes no longer in our 8 hour incubator and wild only! Pyro great too! We had plenty sino for 2 months and a daily for a month.

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I still like smily but grypo will be nice.

You’re talking nonsense! Don’t you know how good a job Ludia do at coding??? They could do that in a heartbeat and get it in for tomorrow.

We’d have something new to try out…if only the game loaded, didn’t crash out during battles or throw Owen up saying you’re moving to fast even though you’ve been sat there for the past 30 mins.


I hope soon im growing tired of Sino, i want her replaced with Rexxy.

Most likely new bosses will come each update .