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Raid Bosses Changing

Just wondering if there is a plan to switch up the raid bosses every once in a while? Will it be a monthly thing like the daily rewards DNA?

Would be nice, but I’m guessing the :poop: would hit the fan if they swapped mortem with something else anytime soon, this place would go into meltdown :joy::joy::joy:

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I guess it will be the same reward for a while…
Remember the daily rewards with (<Sinoceratops/Concavenator>) ? yup,it will be the same.I think it will here for months.

At least ,it bring me another reason why smilonemys don’t need a buff ,because everyone will get it high level

Nah… Mortem will stay while the other 3.will go. Ludia has already planned to make Mortem a prrm fixture for 30 weeks or something.

Yes of course they aren’t really going to get rid of it :+1:

Gamepress found the following additional bosses using a datamine:

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Lvl 14)
Pyrritator (level 19) 5/5/9
Grypolyth (Lvl 24) 4/20/0

I expect these will replace the current 3 and Morty will stay; as to when - if they don’t change next month it could well be next update …

Looking forward to seeing Rexy stomping around.


i kind of like the three being replaced on the map but you can still see them somewhere else like in a new raid section, kind of like how you get to campaign.