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Raid bosses getting further away each day.!

Our alliance ( RampagingBirds JWA ) has lately noticed a disturbing trend when the raid bosses appear each day, as each day progresses the raid bosses get further and further away from your actual GPS location.!.
When we noticed this early last week the raid bosses were within 15 to 20 metres of the actual zone barrier we see in our game when we play it. But since then each day they are getting further away from the actual GPS location of the player, today was the worst day of all because when i logged onto the game where was the raid boss at.?. yep you guessed it more than 2 miles away outside the game barrier !.
Now i dont mind as raid bosses do on occasion shift around during the game each day but to find them moving further away each day is downright annoying to say the least and given the current rate of raid boss movement by the end of this week i expect to see them as far away as perhaps 5 or more miles from my actual GPS location which would put them well beyond my reach and pointless even trying to start a raid for any reason.
To make a bad situation even worse when you try and invite other members of your alliance or friends to a raid to beat the boss we have the same problem as about a month ago yet again…>>> the game will not let you invite that all important 4th person to a raid to take down that days raid boss. Most of the time lately we have had to struggle through with just 3 members / friends battling like crazy to beat the boss before we all die and lose the raid once more.
Come on LUDIA i know its a new concept in our game ( doing raids ) but can we please try and fix this annoying problem of raid bosses being so far away its pointless even trying to initiate a raid in the first place.!.
The picture posted below was a screenshot i took to show an example of just how hard it is to get a raid going when the raid boss is too far away ( i am standing just inside the barrier to get this screen shot but the raid boss as everyone can see is still a staggering 471 meters away from that barrier and i have to walk closer to initiate a raid with him.!. ) yeah right not going to happen in my book too far away… no fair … ggggggggggggggrrrr

I’d agree that raid are getting farther away. My alliance and I have all experienced this. It’s getting more and more difficult to get the raids done from home.
However, we aren’t having any problem at all filling the lobby with 4 people. Coordination on discord makes it extremely easy and even if that fails I have enough people on my friend list to fill the lobby.

Well, I agree with OP though… Now, we don’t need 4 people to do a raid, we need FIVE!!! That’s one that has done it already but can invite because he is one of the lucky 2 or 3 players in our alliance that has the boss in sight, then he invite 3 of the 4 that want to make the raid, leave, and we then invite the fourth one. It’s starting to be that bad! The question in our discord is no longer: “who want to do the raid” but “who has a boss in his zone so he can start one!” Seriously, I absolutely love those big bosses animations, but now, I’m starting to wish that we could simply start a raid by pushing a button instead! It’s fine if all you do is one raid randomly for yourself, but when you try to organize it so as many members of your alliance do it, even the lowest accounts, it’s a pain in the butt to have to find those fewer bosses…

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