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Raid Bosses: Limited Rounds (Poll)

Hey guys,

so I have to admit, that I really like the concept of battling Raid Bosses in teams and working together to bring one of those beasts down. It does hurt when someone gets 250 Sino DNA and you get only 50, but that’s another topic. No, what annoys us most are the limited rounds that let our struggle to win seem just so meaningless.

Today, we battled the legendary Mammotherium Boss. First, it took us so freakking long to even get into battle. Glitches, bugs, crashing games. I had to restart my phone several times until I managed to accept the invite. All in all we needed 20 minutes to finally start the battle. It also happened that some team members flew out of the battle, because the app crashed. It happened to me also one time (using iPhone 11 Pro Max): the battle went into endless loop and I had to restart. Nice!

It was a hard battle. We were so happy, when we finally reached round 2. Until it said: Only 5 turns left. You know how it ended? Boss had less than 2.000 hp, we would’ve won in the next one or two turns. But instead, we lost.

Well, it wouldn’t be too bad if we haven’t lost that much time! The battle alone took us 22 minutes! Some might say, “yeah so where’s the problem to start again”. Ludia was so wise to run these events on working days. So, most of us are not available. On top of that, most team members live in different time zones and we also need to find the right players with the right creatures that know how to use them.

Long story short: We were super frustrated. And we are not alone. So I was wondering how you guys think about this? For me, it is very clear: I want the Turn Limit to be removed. It’s just so bad when you look at the clock, you realize “damn 20 minutes already”, your hands are sweaty and your heart is racing when you see how low the Boss’ hp finally is, and then there’s like BOOM “ha ha screw you” and you lost lol.

Sooo. How do you guys think about it? Leave it as it is? Remove Limited Rounds? Or change them (more/less)? :slight_smile:

  • Leave it untouched
  • Remove the Limit
  • Change Them (MORE Turns)
  • Change Them (LESS Turns)

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