Raid bosses too far away why?

This is a situation that has been ongoing for more than 3 months now and hundreds if not thousands of JWA players are all stuck with the very same problem whereby the raid boss you are seeking ( more specifically APEX raid bosses ).

Most are so far away from your location it is either impossible to get there in time to create or form a raid team to combat it or the raid boss suddenly shifts position yet again to a new location that is even further away than it already is !. ( this has happened to so many of our alliances raid teams we have lost count of the amount of times it has happened in the last couple of months ).

Can something be done about this really annoying problem thanks as it is a situation that is not improving but actually getting worse as time goes on.
( below is an attached picture and a prime example of what i am talking about the picture is self explanatory as everyone can see by the details that are included with the picture. :confounded:
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I know it is so damn annoying!

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Some days I don’t even see a single Eagle or boa raid in 360 view, yea it’s that bad lol

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yesterday i look around everywhere there is like no boa lobby even if i go further distance

For me they seem to spawn all around where I work when I can’t play, and nowhere near my house when I’m at home.

It’s even more annoying when, like today, I have two grypo running into each other on my house, and I can’t reach trebax.

Not possible. Horizon ingame is at less than 1km, which is way less than 2,6 miles. You wouldn’t be seeing the boss, even if it was 4 times closer.

if you notice the arrow in the posted picture just above the right hand tip of that arrow below the cloud you can see is where the Hydraboa apex raid boss is i have an extreme zoom feature on my new 5G mobile device that gives me 200, 300 and 400 times zoom feature allowing me to see things that are very far away from my point of location. this new feature is an added bonus that i use quite regularly when taking panorama pictures or views of locations when i go out hunting dinosaurs each day while playing the game. but that is still beside the fact that the raid bosses especially the apex ones are continually getting further and further away from players locations almost 79% of the time they appear on the game screen. similar reports ( raid bosses being too far away to initiate raids against ) are from a lot of the members of our alliance that are spread out all across the planet so it is not just a general problem in my area / location.
add to that the fact this problem has been an ongoing issue for well over 3 months now with no possible sight in end as to how and when it can or will be fixed either by the technicians that sort out / fix / repair any glitches / bugs / problems with the game in general. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

While this is an inconvenience, this is why it’s a good idea to be on an active 50 person team so that even if raid bosses aren’t in your range, they will inevitable be in a teammate’s. Problem solved

Can this please be looked into as it is still an ongoing problem from as far back as over a month ago now and the worst ones being the weekend raid bosses ( Refrenantem, Haast Maximus and the Hydraboa ) while i am aware they appear at random areas across our game map it makes it doubly difficult when some areas are still under the COVID 19 lockdown such as the area / location i am in ( Australia ) Especially more so with the recent outbreak of the Delta Strain of COVID 19 we are restricted by lockdown borders we cannot or are not allowed to cross at any time for any reason this is one of the main reasons i am asking if an amendment can be made to allow those players world wide who are in lockdown areas access to raid bosses that are currently outside their reach.

to make a blunt point of it please read the message below which explains exactly the problem our alliance is having in regards to raid bosses being too far away from our alliance members and we are not the only alliance suffering from it numerous alliances are in the same boat as well !

All of this and including the fact that some of our members are in areas around the world that are still under lockdown rules / travel bans etc due to the COVID 19 virus as well making it even harder to obtain raids when you are confined to a certain / restricted travel zone !