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Raid Bosses

I know what I am going to say will make some people upset. I think that as a player of Jurassic World Alive it is are respectable to call Ludia out when they do something wrong or dangerous. The raid bosses are dangerous. I know that you don’t have to get together with friends to fight them but lets be honest people are going to get together to fight them and in this day and age that is not good. The raid boss are proof that Ludia doesn’t care about the players.

Am I understanding this right? You are referring to “getting together” as in physically and your concern is social distancing? Or have I misread completely?

If that is the case, I don’t see any concern at all. It’s no different to pubs etc opening.


You do know that you can send invites to players overseas right? I’ve done countless raids with friends overseas like Germany, Australia and UK. I still don’t see how is this dangerous, in fact, it bolsters the team spirit between alliances. If you are referring to meeting physically, I will say that it is unwise for anyone to do so since in game invites exist and doesn’t require anyone to meet up physically.

Geez… dangerous??? I’ve done maybe 50 raids so far and every one of them has been from my couch…

ha you guys are lucky then, over here in western australia where i live the closest raid boos to me is well over 2 miles away.!. this is not a chance happening nor is it just a re - positioning of the gps satellite some 300 kilometres above me.
this has been happening again and again but as far as i knew the raid bosses are supposed to appear in your local area or at the very least within walking distance. i dont call a raid boss over 2 miles anywhere near close not in any sense shape or form and with all the bugs that the raid battles are having its near on impossible to even get a raid battle going let along even get one because the raid boss is miles away from your current position.!.
This and many other bugs with the raids need fixing as quickly as is humanly possible screen freezes, raid rooms supposedly full when they are not, sudden reboots, raid invites working only on the odd occasions, even raid battles dropping out mid battle resulting in all players getting booted and the raid battle itself well that is a total washout.
what next i wonder? is the raid boss going to suddenly jump out of your game screen and stomp you into jurassic dust.?. that would be the most likely answer because you have more chance of getting stomped on by a raid boss jumping out of your game screen than you have of the raid battles / inviites etc working properly.
so in ending all i can say is this …>>>> gggggggrrrrrrrr, gggrrrrrrrrrr, and triple grrrrrrrrrrrr ludia… not happy :scream: :thinking: :scream:


No not really, most people just accept all friend requests and play with random people now. Some people will get together but that’s cuz they know each other and would have met anyway. It’s not like random people are saying at the park at 5 pm. That would be weird. Jwa also has been out for years and this update saved it. They are thinking that if we add co-op maybe it will outlast Covid but without raids, it was dying.

You can call this dangerous, going for a walk and face those 4 beasts running into you.

Now talking seriously, the positioning of the trials needs to be reviewed by Ludia…

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Short of gathering in a tight clump, in-person players can easily maintain a safe distance of 10 feet or more (even further if they want) from each other and other people at the park or sit in their cars for a raid.

Going outside isn’t the dangerous part, it’s the unpredictable nature of other people not respecting new expectations for personal space and PPE because they can’t adapt even a little from how it was 6 months ago.

If you’re worried about it, join an overseas alliance away from you.