Raid Build Advice

Looking for the best raid builds for Tuora, Tenon, and Tryso. I have the boosts I just want to spend them the right way. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Tuora: Little speed, 2 should be good. The rest in damage and hp, maybe evenly distributed
Tenrex: Lots of hp and attack, minimal speed. 12/12/6 is very good
Tryos: Lots of hp (15 boosts?), about 7-8 speed, and rest in attack

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for raids tryos is health and damage no need for speed unless you use alot of nitro morties touro isn health and damage same thing as long as its faster than the other dinos no need for speed tento health and damage but if you want to use it in pvp then speed can definately help most run at 125 speed which gets it in front of a lot of dinos but can mess up raids

dont boost too much speed. 127 speed for tryos is maximum otherwise useless

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Nitro Mortems and Thors say hello

they are useless in raids

Well, if you’ve got a fast enough tryos, they can be used

The problem is if you use all of that on speed then they are lacking in other places right?

Most Nitro Thors have enough attack

For Tryostronix a lvl 26 with no boosts is all you’ll ever need for all of the Apexes. A lvl 25 with tier 2 health works just as well. For any lower, all it needs is 4,200 health. Everything else isn’t really all that necessary so long as everyone else brings a heavy hitter.

For Tuoramoloch, 10/18/2 is what you should strive for, or 10/17/3 to stay ahead of Mortems with 130 speed like mine lol. Healing is dependent on attack, so a Tuoramoloch with a lot of attack can very easily turn around a bad situation, and in some cases doesn’t even need the additional attack boost from RTC, Group Takedown, or Mutual Fury to carry a raid to a successful end, although it certainly helps.

Tenontorex is a bit more interesting, because it needs a tad more speed to be useful in PvP, which can cause problems for the Gorgotrebex raid, especially if the Doedicurus minion feels like being problematic. 12/12/6 like @Roaring_Raptor suggested is the best for the Gorgotrebex raid, but if you can bring any of the three other creatures needed for that particular strat, or use a different strat entirely, you can afford to have a slightly faster Tenontorex, since it doesn’t matter how fast it is for the Mortem raid.

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