Raid Creature Radius

Bug Description:
Raid creature radius is taking up area where creature does not appear. Clicking on other items/creatures on the map cuts to the raid boss which is a decent distance away. Postimetrodon and Phorurex are notorious for this issue. Today I noticed the same issue with Hadros Lux. The glowing black ring for the Apex creature was stuck in place under a strike event and would not follow the raid boss as it was walking around. Every time I clicked the strike event, it would jump to Hadros Lux. I could not get the option to participate in the strike event to come up. I gave up.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Locate Phorurex or Postimetrodon on the map.
Step 2 - Click a supply drop or creature around it, 90% of the time it jumps to the raid boss instead of the item or creature sought.

How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 11

Anything else?
I have a video of the bug, but cannot upload it because videos are not accepted in the submissions. Video is the best way to show the bug.

The raid bosses walking around seems to be a contributing issue. I wonder if it may be better to have them stand still, but have a glowing large radius for how close players need to be to participate in the raid. The movement of raid bosses looks cool, but as for functionality, it isn’t conducive.

I tried looking for a similar bug report, but could not find one. I apologize if someone has already reported this.

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Thank you for reporting this to us, JurassKicked. This is one of the known issues our team is currently working to address.


I also have the very same problem as the raid boss is actually moving outside the designated ** footprint ** area that it should be mobile in in normally.

This is extremely frustrating when you are trying to organize a raid or set one up initially because of the totally immobile footprint area that it usually moves along with the raid boss when it is active in the game.

It is not a single raid boss it is happening with almost 80% of the raid bosses that appear in the game on a daily basis.

The attached picture below shows a clear example of this problem as you can see the Hadros Lux is actually behind ( not within ) the designated footprint area it normally moves around in during game play.!.

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I think we all have that problem lol :laughing:

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Seeing as the game just updated, I was hoping this problem would finally be fixed.
Of course it isn’t.