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Raid creatures

I made some creatures that are helpful for raids but not so good for pvp

those are super op

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The first one is

OP for raids

It would appear as though all of them are in fact OP
The first one, why all rampages? It needs a 0 cooldown move, where do the on escape, swap in, and counter come from? And with all that, the combined stats are scary
Number 2, I would have expected this thing to at least have a counter since both its ingredients have one, and why does this thing have on escape and swap in thing, and not sure about the crit
3, where’s does rtc come from and all those resistances??? it also needs a strike non cooldown move, and once again its stats are frightening
4, also needs a 0 cooldown move, stats are again frightening, and where does its counter, swap in, and no escape come from?


I did this for the first one is it good