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Raid dna reward

just did the smilo raid and i had 23 dna and one of my team had 31 dna when i read new update notes i thought players would receive reward amount depending on player levels? we are both level 20 and both currently on 5500 plus cups so should we have received same amount or am i misunderstanding the new system? thanks Andy

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It’s still random. Just the range has changed

I got 23 dna too, so it looks like it wasn’t just Mortem that was changed?

@Piere87 any idea what the new reward bonuses are now at all? I hate I have to ask other players rather than Ludia themselves.

I know our resident robot, @OrigamiRobot was looking into that. We weren’t able to see it where we usually look so I think data is being gathered on it right now. Any insight on to what rewards people are getting will be very helpful!

I got 15. Lvl 20 player


And when you report your rewards, please include your player level. The base reward is independent of player level, but the bonuses are not.


I got 23 as well; level 20 player.

I got 23 as well; level 20 player.

23 dna lvl 20 player.

15 for me lvl: 19

I got 31, lvl 20

Level 20, 31 DNA

Hey @OrigamiRobot I got 22 Smilonemys DNA and I’m level 15

Level 20, 15 DNA obviously

Lv20…15 DNA

Lvl 20 , 31 dna

Lvl 20 got 31 dna

23 and 31 are interesting numbers…

I got 15 lvl 20 player. My son got 23 lvl 20 player…

I got 23, level 20 player

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I got 15, L20 player